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2 Forward Head Posture Stretches


Filed Under (General, Health) by Rick Kaselj

In today’s video, I wanted to go through the two forward head posture stretches that you can anywhere.

2 Forward Head Posture Stretches

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I’ll get Chris demonstrate.

#1 – Neck Rotation

Neck Rotation

Neck Rotation

Make sure that you are in a good posture. You are in a nice upright posture from the side. Rotate your neck to the left then rotate to the right.  You will do one set. You will rotate 5 times in each direction and hold the end position for 2 seconds.

#2 – 45 Degree Neck Stretch

45 Degree Neck Stretch

45 Degree Neck Stretch

You are in a nice and upright position. Start in a good position with great alignment from the side like your mom says when you were a kid, head over the shoulders and over the hips.

You will rotate to 45 degrees then you drop your forehead towards your armpit. You are looking for a light stretch in the opposite side of where you drop your forehead. You will hold it for 20 seconds. You will go through one set but you will go twice on each side alternating. You are looking for the light stretch in the neck area.

So, give those two stretches a go. I am certain that these will help you fix your forward head posture.

If you want to get rid of your text neck, fix your posture in order to move, sleep and breathe better then check out the Forward Head Posture FIX program here:


Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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