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3 Easy Back Pain Relief Exercises


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

Hey, I hope you had a great weekend. Last Saturday, we got a taste of Spring with 15ºC or 60ºF. And then on Sunday, we got a taste of Winter again wherein we had a mix of rain and snow with 0ºC or 30ºF.

Oftentimes, I get several messages from my clients on Mondays. The number one complaint that my clients have is back pain. So, here are three easy exercises that you can do to relieve back pain. Give them a go!

Take care!

~ Rick


In today’s video, I wanted to go through 3 easy back pain relief exercises.

3 Easy Back Pain Relief Exercises

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I’ll get Andrea to demonstrate.

#1 – Low stress position

Low stress position

Low Stress Position

Lie on the ground then put your legs up on a chair.  This will put you into a low stress position. The weight of your legs is being taken up by the chair so all the pressure on your back is being removed and your back gets a chance to recover and heal. The tension of the muscles around your back allows you to relax and let go.  Stay in this position for about two minutes in order to relax everything and get some back pain relief.

#2 – Open ups

Open ups

Open Ups

She is lying on the side and her hands are in front. She will open up, bringing the hand back as far as she can. We are working on loosening up the mid back area. A lot of times when it comes to back pain, we have excess tightness or stiffness above and below the back, in the mid back area and in the hips. We can loosen up things in the mid back area. If there’s more movement in the mid back, it will decrease the stress on that low back. Do 5 repetitions on each side and hold the end position for 1-2 seconds. With every repetition, try to go a little bit further.

#3 – Hip extension movement

Hip extension movement

Hip Extension Movement

Lie on your stomach and then bring your legs back. Place your head on your hands. Keep the spine in nice and good alignment. Lift the thigh off the mat and back down then on the other side. We are working on the glutes. A lot of times if you have back pain, the glutes are not working properly. We are getting some hamstring work as well. If you have tight hip flexors, doing this hip extension movement helps dynamically stretch the hip flexors. Do 5 repetitions on each side so a total of 10 repetitions in a smooth controlled movement. Hold the end position for a second or two and just alternate back and forth.

Give those 3 easy back pain relief exercises a go! I am certain that these will have drastic effects on your back.

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Fix My Back Pain bundle

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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Please send your new free report for the back and/or neck. (I couldn’t find any button to push.)

Please consider making a product of relatively gentle exercises like this (rather than rigorous exercises for “youngsters”) to help us oldsters stay spry and somewhat fit.



Rick Kaselj Reply:

Hi Richard, go this page – http://www.shoulderpainsolved.com/5-tricks-that-fight-back-pain-and-tightness/ and enter your email address in the box to get your free video report from The Pain Hacker that will help you end the tightness and soreness in your back. If you are looking for ways to overcome your neck pain and tightness, then go this page – http://www.shoulderpainsolved.com/5-tricks-that-fight-neck-pain-and-tightness/. Take care!


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