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3 Easy Exercises to Strengthen Your Core


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

I’m getting ready to head on to Las Vegas for a Fitness Mastermind Meeting. One of the people that I’m going to connect with is Robby Blanchard. He is a CrossFit gym owner and he’s got a video for us where he goes through three easy exercises to strengthen your core.

Check out the video and article below! Next time you’ll hear from me, I’m in Vegas.

~ Rick


I am Robby Blanchard, owner of CrossFit Reach and creator of 6 Weeks Shred. I am making this video today for my good friend, Rick Kaselj. In this video, Rick wanted to talk with you today about some of my favourite exercises you can do to strengthen your core. I will show you my three favourite exercises which are all variations of a plank. You can do these variations at the comfort of your home to help you get stronger core and have a better looking body.

3 Easy Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I will demonstrate the exercises.

#1 – Plank Up and Down

Plank Up and Down

Plank Up and Down

The nice thing about plank up and down is it will work at not only in core but also your upper body because you will hold that plank position and you will go through push up position as well. So I am in the plank position and I will hold it for about 3 to 4 seconds. I will go into push up position, hold it for a couple of seconds then back down unto the regular plank position.

#2 – One Arm or One Leg Plank
One Arm or One Leg Plank

One Arm or One Leg Plank

Now the other way to make it even harder is to take an arm out away or take a leg out away. You will start at the regular plank position, and then take one arm away trying to be nice and square in the entire time. You will take one leg up as well then back to the starting position.

#3 – Bear Crawl

Bear Crawl

Bear Crawl

Start in a push-up position. I will keep my hips down, then bring one leg in, stay nice and low and then crawl. When you are doing this exercise at home or at the gym, go for about 10 to 15 feet down and back. You are working on your core, upper body, lower body as well as your hamstrings. You are really working the entire body on that move.

So, those are the couple of variations of plank that I love. Try them out and enjoy!

If you want to burn fat quickly and permanently transform your body in as little as 45 minutes a week, then check out the 6 Week Shred program here:

6 Week Shred

Robby Blanchard, MBA, BS, CPT
Creator of 6 Week Shred


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l have a severe case of gout in my left foot and big toe.

How can l get rid of it?



Tin of EFI Reply:

Hi Jihn,

Gout is an arthritic and metabolic problem. It will come and go, and will depend on your diet. If possible, avoid food that contains a lot of Uric acid. These are the crystals that form in the toe and foot. Were you prescribed any medicine for it? I know there are anti-inflammatory drugs being prescribed for gout.

I hope this helps!

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