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3 Habits of Highly Fit People


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

Prior to my interview with Isaac Payne, I checked out his latest product. I came across a section where he talked about the seven habits of highly fit people. This catches my attention so I made sure to ask him about it and share his best tips on how to become highly fit through these seven key habits.

Enjoy this second part of the interview! If you missed the first part, you can check it here.


Interview with Isaac Payne: 3 Habits of Highly Fit People

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video interview.

In the interview above, you will discover:

  • 3 Habits of Highly Fit People
  • Why you need to keep track of your fitness progress?
  • One of the most important components of a fitness training program you’re probably neglecting
  • Why is it essential to train your weaknesses at least once a week?

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

If you missed the 1st part of the interview, you can check it here.

If you would like more information about Isaac Payne, you can visit him at Isaac-Payne.com.

If you know someone who would be great to interview, please do email.

Or if you have an injury story or something that would benefit health and fitness professionals, please contact me.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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IMO one of the Commandments of effective training is the recovery, but no matter whenever it’s brought up, the trainer/expert always gives the excuses people use to not recover properly, be it active rest or all out rest. Which merely reinforces people skewed POV and the dominate must burn myself out before I rest symdrome so many are guilty of.

I think it’s time to stop honoring the excuses and give Recovery its due and push it up the ranks to where it belongs – in the top 5 Commandments. Time to shift the misaligned paradigm that the general public keeps falling back on. Much like their reliance on the wrong notion that all they need do is keep cutting calories every time they need to trim down.

We’re all guilty of training when we should rest…even those of us attuned to the signs of fatigue and low grade injuries ,etc…but its time to put Recovery where it belongs in the training arsenal.



What type of exercises would you recommend for a hip preservation not a hip replacement? Thank you. Viola



Laramie Reply:

Hello Viola, My name is Laramie and I’m from EFI. How many weeks post-op?


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