4 Ways To Diagnose Hip Pain

I wanted to go through some accurate hip pain diagnosis that can help you.

Accurate Hip Pain Diagnosis Get Real Results

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Jenna will go through the movements.

#1 – Stamp Out a Cigarette

For this exercise, we’re looking at is how well the hips move in internal and external rotation. You’re looking at how the hip feels on one side. Start off with the right leg. You want to feel and see if there’s any resistance in any of the movements when you are rotating the leg in and out. Switch to your left leg and do the same movements.

See if there’s one movement that has greater resistance than the other and compare them between the two legs. Is the movement different in either one of the legs? If there are any differences or any resistances, then we need to address those imbalances in the hips.

Stamp Out a Cigarette

#2 – Knee Movement in a Chair

Begin in a nice and upright sitting position on a chair or on a box. Grab one leg and bring the knee up towards the shoulder. Move it to the outside of the shoulder then to the opposite shoulder. Switch to the opposite leg and repeat the movements.

Just as like with the first exercise, we are looking for tightness going on in the hip, resistance of movement, and how things are comparing from one leg to the other leg when you bring the knee to your chest, to the outside of the shoulder, and to the opposite shoulder. If there is any resistance or tightness, then we need to address those movements.

Knee Movement in a Chair

#3 – Knee to Chest

Begin in a nice and upright sitting position on the floor. Bring the knees close to your chest. First, check if one knee is closer to your chest than the other. Second, check if one side has greater resistance than the other. If one of those have greater resistance, then you need to address the muscle imbalances in the hip.

Knee to Chest

#4 – Standing Hip Extension

Begin in a nice and upright standing position. Put one hand up against the wall. Bring one leg back and then back to the starting position. Go through another repetition and then switch legs.

With this exercise, we are trying to see if one leg differs in the range of motion on how far the leg can go back. Also, we need to check if one leg is tighter or stiffer than the other leg. If any of those exists, then we need to address it.

Standing Hip Extension

These are the four quick little tests that you can do to accurately diagnose your hip pain.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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  1. I have a bulging disc that sits on my sciatic nerve. Also I have incredible pain at the top inner part of my thigh. (Groupon) For 17 Years I have suffered from this debilitating pain. It was only about 8-9 yrs ago that a physical therapist told me she believed it was not only my back but she suspected it was also hip pain I was suffering from. Shortly thereafter I came upon a video you had released about the flexor muscle. It opened a window for me and I was forced at times to use your excersizes n stretches for relief. I thank you for the help. I now more than ever am finding this pain in my groin keeps me from sleeping,from leaving my house n it is interfering w/ my ability to enjoy time with my 7yo granddaughter. I am lost, depressed & my will is waining. I have OCD so when I see something that needs tending to, I cannot stop myself from dealing w/ it. Then I am in agony n my spirit falls deeper into despair. I did ok for the years that I was taking 36 10 milligrams of methadone daily, along w/ 90milligrams of morphine, along with diazepam,antidepressants and thyroid meds, which I still take n more meds for other maladies. Now I am down to 20 methadone a month as for the past few yrs my Dr. has been insisting I get off the Methadone. I actually lived a partially normal life with the full dosage of methadone;; but now I am mostly house bound, hate my Doc & live in constant pain with insomnia and hopelessness. Don’t get me wrong, I once was a very strong athletic women who walked or rode my bike daily. I have 5 grown children (1 of whom is my caregiver,n runs our business along w/ my partner). I am feeling as though I’m at the end of my game n it sucks. I’m sorry to bother you but I cannot conquer these obstacles alone. It has been difficult to find hope. I also suffered a pulmonary embolism in 2011 where I was deprived of oxygen for tooo long due to a misdiagnosis at the 1st ER n I literally passed at the 2nd hospital while the nurse pushed me on a gurney to a cat scan I almost did not need. I chose to get back in my body but my memory & cognitive skills took a beating. The Docs had my family ready to welcome me back as a vegetable when they took me out of an induced coma. But here I am, not for better or worse;; it’s definitely for worse. If you have any brain storms on how I can remedy any of the pieces I am left with~~ I would be eternally grateful. Betty K Miller Namaste



    Rick Kaselj Reply:

    Hi Betty, It’s Tarah from HTM. If you have a bulging disc sitting on your sciatic nerve that can certainly contribute to your pain. I would recommend trying the corrective exercises for herniated discs. You can find that here: http://exercisesforinjuries.com/corrective-exercises-for-herniated-disc/

    On top of those exercises – are you able to continue with the Unlock Your hip flexor program? I would certainly recommend it if you are able to! I hope this helps!


  2. Thank you for all your help diagnosing my hip pain and the great excersizes you recommend. You are truly dedicated to your work and that is not often found in these ever changing times. While most people are battling their selves or their own problems,, you are marching on with solutions. You are gifted. Thank you.



    Rick Kaselj Reply:

    You’re welcome, Betty.


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