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5 Stretches You Have To Do After You Run


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

Well here on the west coast, things have heated up. 

The snow has melted and we are getting above 10 degrees Celsius. 

It is time to start thinking about dusting off the running shoes and getting outside.

Today, I have a guest post from Bayo on stretches you have to do after your run.

Take it away, Bayo!

Rick Kaselj, MS


Hello, how are you guys doing?

My name is Bayo Adio from Kansas. I am a track and field coach, a certified personal trainer, and a running coach.

I have helped a lot of people run 5Ks and half marathon trainings and obstacle course races. But today, my goal is to share with you guys 5 stretches you need to be doing after your running.

5 Stretches You Have To Do After You Run

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

#1 – Hip Flexor and Psoas Stretch

You are going to go on the ground and get into a 90-90 degree angle.

If you want a deeper stretch, you need to lean a little bit more forward and that will help stretch your hip flexor. This muscle gets tight a lot when you run.

Hip Flexor and Psoas Stretch

Hip Flexor and Psoas Stretch

You do it 20 seconds on the right and 20 seconds on the left, maybe two times or 30 seconds, either or.

#2 – Glute Muscle Stretch

Have one leg right above your knee and you can sit. You should already be feeling some sort of tightness that gets all the muscles right here.

Glute Muscle Stretch

Glute Muscle Stretch

If you want a deeper stretch, you can go on your back, put your hands between the hole in your legs and just pull it closer and that will give you a nice deep stretch.

Glute Muscle Deep Stretch

Glute Muscle Deep Stretch

#3 – Quadriceps Stretch

Quadriceps Stretch

Quadriceps Stretch

Your quadriceps especially if you are running downhill and stuff, these muscles will get really tight as well. You want to hold on to a wall, if you need balance, just hold it for like 20 seconds on both sides of the legs.

#4 – Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring gets tight a lot of times. Go on the ground, there are different ways to stretch the hamstrings but I like this way better where your knees get straightened and just slowly go as far as you possibly can.

1st Hamstring Stretch

1st Hamstring Stretch

Or you can also stay right here.

2nd Hamstring Stretch

2nd Hamstring Stretch

Remember the goal is not to strain. The goal is to stretch it where you start to feel a little bit of stretch and just kind of hold it there. Again, try to do 30 seconds on both sides twice.

#5 – Shoulder Stretch

We do not think a lot about shoulder stretch when running. We are going to give you one simple stretch to put on your shoulders. Grab your elbow and just pull. Again pull for 20 seconds on your shoulder and also hold for another 20 seconds on the opposite shoulder.

Shoulder Stretch

Shoulder Stretch

We don’t do a lot of stretching when we start running. We focus a lot on mobility and dynamic stretches and drills to get warmed up and walking. The static stretches, we saved those for after the run.

I hope you enjoyed the stretches. Thank you so much for watching. Remember, always commit to be a better you! Good luck with your running! Peace!

 If you are interested in running a 5K in 5 weeks without injury, then check this out….

Run a 5k in 5 weeks by Bayo Adio

Bayo Adio


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