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6 Postural Exercises for Desk Workers


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

I was flipping through my phone gallery then I found this very funny photo that I took while I was in Vancouver earlier this month. Check it out…


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Today, I will share a couple exercises to help fix your posture. If you work in the office or you sit a lot, then make sure to check out the exercises below.



 In today’s video, I wanted to go through posture fix workout for office workers.

Posture Fix Workout for Office Workers

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I got Jenna to demonstrate the exercises.

#1- Bent Over Row

Start in standing position, bend the knees and hips at 45-degree angle. Head is in line with the rest of the body. Tighten the abdominal area and use weights (dumbbells or kettlebells) and go through the rowing movement bringing the elbows just past the shoulder and then back to the start.


Bent Over Row

With this exercise, we are working on improving posture especially if you are on office worker. The rowing movement works on the mid-back area which helps counteract the rounded shoulder posture.

Perform 1 set of 10 reps in a smooth controlled movement with a quick stop at the start and end position with an intensity of feeling the muscles in the mid-back and shoulder areas are working.

 #2- Tubing Row

Sit nice and upright on the floor. Legs are straight. Get a resistive tubing and then do rowing exercise.


Tubing Row

In this exercise, we are working on mid-back area and counteracting the rounded shoulders.

Perform 1 set of 10 reps in a smooth controlled movement with a good stop  of 2 seconds at the end-position with a medium intensity.

#3- Superman’s Exercise

Lie down on your stomach. Arms are overhead and then lift one arm up and the opposite leg, then do lift alternate back and forth.


Superman’s Exercise

In this exercise, we are working on the muscles in the shoulder blades, glutes and hamstrings. This reverses the office posture. Often times, office workers have poor activation in their glutes and hamstrings so we are dynamically stretching the hip flexors. When lifting the arm up, we are stretching out the mid-back area and the front of the shoulder.

Perform 1 set of 10 reps, so 5 on each side, in a smooth controlled movement with a good stop at the top position of 1-2 seconds with an intensity of feeling the muscles working around the glutes, hamstrings and shoulder blade area.

#4- Seated Chest Fly

In a cross-sitting position, bring the weights out in front and then out to the side.


Seated Chest Fly

Another way of making it more challenging is to modify it by sitting towards the front of the chair, then lean back, feet are flat, knees bent. You are tilted back working the abdominal area, but also working the mid-back area — targeting the core, shoulders and in between the shoulder blades. Bring the weights out in front and then out to the side.

#5- Behind-The-Back Finger Stretch

In a standing position, reach behind the back, grab the fingers and stretch the arm, the lower shoulder and also stretching the arm above the shoulder.

Modified Stretch: If you are not that flexible, you can modify the stretch by using a towel, reaching to whatever level you can behind your back and then you can either pull up with the top hand to stretch out the bottom or you can pull down with the bottom hand and stretch the top hand. Do the same to the other side as well.


Behind-The-Back Finger Stretch

Perform 1 set of 2 reps, alternating back and forth with 10-15 seconds hold with an intensity of light stretch in the top shoulder and bottom shoulder.

#6- Behind-The-Back Neck Stretch

In a standing position, interlace the fingers behind your back. Lift the arms up, stretching out the front of the shoulder and then drop the head to the side and then to the other side.


                                                                                  Behind-The-Back Neck Stretch          

In this exercise, you are strengthening the mid-back area and stretching out the front of the shoulder and neck.

Perform 1 set of 3 reps on each side, alternating back and forth with a hold of about  5 seconds.

Give those 6 exercises a go if you have a desk job who wants to correct your posture.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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Hey Rick ,

I am a great fan of yours!!! As a matter of fact , you are the only professional trainer that I follow his advice. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing!!

Best regards,

Miri Roth



Rick Kaselj Reply:

Thank you very much for your support, Miri! It is my pleasure to help people get back to their happy and pain-free life.
Take care!


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