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8 AMAZING Suspension Trainer Exercises


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

Something that I have been playing with of late has been the suspension trainer.

In this video I wanted to go through 8 Amazing Suspension Exercises.

8 Amazing Suspension Trainer Exercises

CLICK HERE to watch the video on YouTube

I am going to get Orsy to go through them.

#1 – Plank Exercise.

1 Plank Position

Plank Position

We got this TRX, which is a type of suspension equipment, set up.

Orsy is going to get into the plank position.

She has her feet in the straps. She is going into the typical plank position where she is in good alignment, arms are in good alignment, and then she is going to hold that position for a period of time.

#2 –Knee Tuck

2 Knee Tuck

Knee Tuck

She is in this position, bringing the knees in and then straightening them back out and then bringing the knees in. And then going through it like 5, 10, 12 repetitions or she can end up doing it for time. The key thing is you don’t want to arch through the low back.

#3 – Hamstring Curl

3 Hamstring Curl

Hamstring Curl

I will get her to flip onto her back, putting her feet back into the straps and then she will go through that hamstring curl exercise. Bridging up, straightening the leg out, curling and then straightening the leg out. Once again going at like 5, 10, 12 repetitions.

#4 – Lunge Position

4 Lunge Position

Lunge Position

She is moving into standing position. She has one leg in the suspension trainer, other leg out front and then she is going to go into that lunge exercise. You can go with no leg movement or you can bring leg movement into it. So you can bring your leg in and then bring it back and then bring it in.

#5 – Single Leg Squat

 5 Single Leg Squat

Single Leg Squat

Orsy is grabbing the handles and leaning back. Instead of going into a bilateral squat, she is going into a single leg squat.

#6 – Pec Fly

6 Peck Fly

Pec Fly

And then we move from that single leg squat into like a pec fly exercise.

#7 – Press

7 Press


This is like a bench press exercise. I have the elbows close and I am going into that pressing movement and then coming back.

#8 – Suspension Row

8 Suspension Row

Suspension Row

I am moving around and going through that rowing like a suspension row.

There you go. If you have a suspension trainer around, give those 8 exercises a go. It’s a great full body workout. We have covered the whole body and it’s pretty much all bodyweight, and bodyweight is excellent when it comes to preventing injuries.

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Rick Kaselj, MS


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