Activation and then Strength in Hip Pain

I got a quick video for you today.

I do things differently when it comes to injuries.

I know a lot of people will focus on strength.

Oh, you have an injury, then you have to strengthen it?

Well yes, but this is not where I would start.

In the video below, I’ve talked about the key things that you should focus first before concentrating on strength.

Activation before Strength in Hip Pain

==>  CLICK HERE to learn more about activation before strength

The cool thing about the video is, I am on a ski lift in Whistler.

One of my cousins from Croatia is in Canada.  As good hosts, we have to take her to all the sites in the Vancouver area.

One of those sites is Whistler.

We headed up the gondola and wanted to experience the PEAK 2 PEAK  chair.

We almost did not go because the $45 price tag was a little steep but I am not sure if my cousin would ever come to visit us again in Canada so we had to go.

We went up and had a great afternoon.  It was sunny and hot until the thundershowers came in.

If you want my two cents, then head up to PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola in Whistler.  This world record-breaking engineering marvel is the highest and longest lift of its kind in the world! There are a lot of exciting activities to do, stunning 360-degree views to see and amazing places to dine and hike.

What does these have to do about injuries?  Not much.  I am always thinking about them and did a video on something that came to mind.  Plus, overcoming injuries helps you enjoy a fun filled life.

Thanks for reading and watching.

If you want to see the exercises that I used on my client’s hip, then check out Gluteus Medius Exercises, here:


Talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS


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  1. This is a very important point Rick and I am glad you brought it up. This ability to activate muscles in the outer core (gluts, quads, back) is even more important for seniors and those who have not been active regularly for quite some time.

    Keep up the posts, I always enjoy reading them

    Urszula Naszynska
    BscKin, CATA, MDSC



    Rick Kaselj Reply:


    Thank you so much for reading and your support.

    I agree. We need to look at what our clients can do and not what we can do.

    Rick Kaselj


  2. Dear Mr. Kaselj, GREAT TIP! Would you possibly add to those three, flexibility? I have your Fix My Wrist, and Fix My Shoulder DVDs and they are wonderful! Please keep up the good fight and continue helping us to heal, get better, then, get stronger. Thanks!



    Rick Kaselj Reply:

    I will Rick. Thank you so much!


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