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There are currently NO resources available to trainers that teach them what cancer is, what to do with a client that has it, and what to watch out for when training their client, which means this will automatically become the default go-to resource for trainers who ever come into contact with a client recovering from cancer. Additionally, if you’re not a fitness professional or know someone who has cancer who isn’t a fitness professional but wants to know what to do with an exercise program to help them out, this resource comes complete with a “Non-Professional edition,” outlining in basic less-scientific terms what is discussed in the professional edition. One client looked over the Non-Professional edition and said they got more information about cancer and exercise from it than they had received from all their oncologists, GPs and nurses COMBINED!!


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– For fitness professionals that are looking for a better understanding of cancer, how to design an exercise program for a cancer client and the exercises to do.

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