Course Description

Rotator cuff injuries are the most common shoulder injuries fitness professionals will face.  Exercise is recommended by physicians for people with rotator cuff injuries and therefore it is vital for the fitness professional to be educated and prepared to work with these clients. Exercise can help safely alleviate pain, decrease stiffness, increase range of motion, and improve rotator cuff strength. This course will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of rotator cuff injuries, how to design an appropriate exercise program for your clients with a rotator cuff injury and discover the most effective exercises for the rotator cuff. If you are ready to increase your confidence working with clients with rotator cuff injuries, would like to understand how to safely train clients with rotator cuff injuries and empower yourself with the best exercises to help your clients with rotator cuff injuries, then Effective Exercises Rotator Cuff Exercises is a must take course for you.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course you will be able to:

  • List effective strengthening and stretching exercises for the rotator cuff
  • Demonstrate a knowledge range of motion exercises for the rotator cuff
  • Apply a ready to use 12 week rotator cuff exercise program
  • Identify 4  pulley exercises for the rotator cuff
  • Define the 7 structures that make up the shoulder joint
  • Apply and Identify the structures that stabilizes the shoulder joint
  • Discuss the 5 most common causes of rotator cuff injuries
  • Examine the 12 factors that influence the risk of a rotator cuff injury
  • Explain the 3 most common injuries of the rotator cuff
  • Understand the common assessment and use diagnostic tools for evaluating rotator cuff injuries
  • List the 6 treatment options for rotator cuff injuries
  • Perform & guide clients through 87 exercises for rotator cuff health and post rehab

What is Effective Rotator Cuff Exercise Program?

If it is to give fitness professionals a go-to exercise program for their clients that have rotator cuff injuries.

What do the get?

  • 85 rotator cuff exercises
  • 3 month rotator cuff exercise program
  • 60 minute video presentation on rotator cuff exercises
  • 200 page manual
  • background, assessment and medical options for the rotator cuff

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Personal trainers, Weightroom instructors, Group fitness instructors, Strength coaches, Post Rehab Specialists, Exercise Physiologists, Kinesiologists, Physical Therapy Assistants

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