Assessment & Exercise – 3rd Edition of Muscle Imbalances Revealed


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Assessment & Exercise – 3rd Edition of Muscle Imbalances Revealed – “Discover How to Pinpoint Problems & Fix Them with Exercises”

As a fitness & health professional or exercise enthusiast we often just focus on strength, flexibility and cardiovascular techniques with our clients to help them reach their fitness goals. By just focusing on these three exercise techniques you hamper your client’s performance results, ability to bust through fitness plateaus, overcome injuries and remain injury-free. To get past this, what you need in your toolbox is a full understanding of muscle imbalances.

Muscle Imbalances Revealed goes beyond stretching what is tight, strengthening what is weak or just performing corrective exercises. It assists the fitness & health professional or exercise enthusiast in understanding the synergies that exist within the body and walks you through the intricacies of muscle imbalances.

In the Assessment & Exercise Edition of Muscle Imbalances Revealed you will be guided by 4 experts from various fitness & health professions on how to perform a number of assessments that will allow you to pinpoint problems and then exercises to fix those problems in order to improve performance, athleticism, fitness results, injury prevention and injury recovery.

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Who is this product for?

Based on the response from the 2,30o people that purchased Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Lower Body Edition and Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition, these were the groups.

Primary GroupPersonal trainers, Weightroom instructors, Group fitness instructors, Strength coaches, Post Rehab Specialists, Exercise Physiologists, Kinesiologists, and Physical Therapy Assistants

Secondary Group – Exercise enthusiasts, Sports coaches, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Doctors

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I am using Clickbank

– Clickbank id is: MIRlower

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Change the “XXXX” to your Clickbank id and you are ready to promote.

What is the affiliate commission?

The commission is 75%.

In the sales flow there are two sets of up upsells, each with continuity.

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Yes, there is an affiliate area:

When is the Launch?

August 14 to 17, 2012 – Official Launch

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Key Points to Focus In On:


In your emails, blog posts and reviews, I would recommend touching on these key points:

  • It is portant to have assessments that highlight problem but what is even more important is have exercises that will fix that problem.
  • You learn from the best when it comes to rehab, training and performance
  • Continuing learning is important for health & fitness professionals
  • Focus on the convenience of learning at home with video presentations because there is no need to travel, spend money on expensive hotels or miss time from work
  • MIR is great value because most course and conference are way more than $37


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Tony Gentilcore of

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Looking at What Other People Have Done to Promote MIR:


Here are some examples on how people have promoted Muscle Imbalances Revealed in the past:

#) Summary Blog Post on What is New

Mike Robertson –

Rick Kaselj –

– These have lead to sales and are easy and fun posts to do.

#) Endorsed Blog Post for MIR

Mike Robertson –

– Blog posts like this are easy ways of addressing their objections.

#) Information Post

Chris McCombs –

Rick Kaselj –

– Posts like this inform people the importance of injuries and muscle imbalances.

#) Banner Ads on the Site

Kevin Yates –

Rick Kaselj –

– The graphic got people interested and drove affiliate traffic to MIR. You can get further images below.

#) YouTube Clips of the Video Presentation

Kevin Yates –

Rick Kaselj –

– People get to see a sample of what they would get in the webinars.

You can get YouTube clips of the presentation, at the end of this page.


Other Common Affiliate Question


Am I being a Guinea Pig for this Launch?

– No. We did a internal launch during August 7 to 10. These are the numbers that come from our testing:

  • 7.88% conversion rate
  • 117 sales
  • 10.69% took the first upset which was $177.
  • 40% took the second upset
  • 11% joined continuity

I don’t even know what a “promo” is and how to do affiliate marketing!

– Send me an email at support(at) . We will set up a time on the phone and I can help you out.

I don’t have time to write up anything

– Send me an email at support(at) . I can write up a guest blog post for you, I can write an article for you, I can write a review for you, we can do a phone or email interview. Let me know and I will help you out to make this as easy as possible.


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Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise
Assessment and Exercise




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