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1 – Create Your FREE Clickbank Affiliate Account

Clickbank is a digital marketplace where entrepreneurs of all levels go to buy and sell their products and services. From ebooks to job postings, goods to services, Clickbank has given people around the world access, through affiliates, to the goods or services they seek within seconds.

As an affiliate, you market digital products for others. It is not necessary to subscribe to or purchase the product yourself in order to promote them. All that is required is for you to find the product you are interested in then begin to market it for the seller. Earning potential is anywhere up to 75%, dependent upon the product you promote.

To begin as an affiliate with Clickbank, simply go to Clickbank and fill out this form to create your Clickbank ID. Search through the databases. A complete listing for vendors, affiliates, and the catalogue are there for your perusal.

Once you find the product you wish to promote, follow the steps provided and you are on your way to the income potential you have only dreamed of earning.

2 – Subscribe To My Affiliate Newsletter

While not mandatory, subscribing to the newsletter insures you stay current with the latest products, services, and updates on marketing tools. You will also receive alerts of special promotions headed your way that may be beneficial to your career as an affiliate.

The reality is the most successful marketers invest a good amount of time researching and staying abreast of the trends and tips of the day. The newsletter helps to cut through the legwork for you. It provides the information you need without usurping your time with searches.

There is no need to be concerned with spam with a subscription. Our inboxes fill quickly enough with email we have invited and we have precious few hours in a day to wade through those. You can rest assured that we respect that.

3 – Bookmark this page and review The Marketing Tools Section at the bottom.

The practice of bookmarking our favorite pages has never been so important. Often we find a page we want to check out another time then must remember where it was. When you bookmark this page, you will always have it at the click of your mouse.

You will be able to access the Marketing Tools Section at the bottom of this page regularly. Your success is our goal. Your time is also valuable. While some may desire to create their own pages, research and find the marketing tools they need, we understand that is not the case in general. We have done the homework, searched and researched the products, services, and tools. It is all here at your fingertips so you are free to choose and begin earning the income you deserve.

4 – Take Action!

It is time. Now that you have read the material, created your Clickbank account, and have learned how simple it is to earn an income as an affiliate, your potential is as far reaching as you desire. The choice is yours.