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BEST Exercises to Loosen Up Your Lower Mid Back


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

Today, I got a great little exercise to help loosen your lower mid back.

I feel great after doing it and I know you will as well.

Enjoy the exercise!

Rick Kaselj, MS


In this video, I wanted to go through the best exercise to loosen up your lower mid back by doing the Scorpion Stretch.

BEST Exercises to Loosen Up Your Lower Mid-Back

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I will get Donnalee to demonstrate it. You are lying down on your stomach. You are going to put your head on a towel or something to relax those neck muscles and keep your neck align with the rest of your body. When it comes to this Scorpion Stretch, we are going to break it down into four progressions.

#1 – Hip Off The Floor

Hip Off The Floor

Hip Off The Floor

Donnalee is bringing her arms out to the side to anchor her upper body because we are going to start moving the lower body. The first progression is just bringing the hip up and then back down. The key thing to remember is you want to focus on the movement happening in the glute. The hamstring isn’t doing the work; it’s the glute that is doing the work.

#2 – Hips at 90

Hips at 90

Hips at 90

If the first progression is too easy, you progress on to Hips at 90. Donnalee is trying to bring those hips to 90 on a nice and slow controlled movement.

#3 – Foot to the Floor

Foot to the Floor

Foot to the Floor

You are going to lift, rotate through the hips and low back, and try to touch the floor as soon as you can and then come back. And then going to the other side lifting that hip up. The movement is happening from the glute, trying to bring that foot or toe to the ground as soon as you can and then coming back. With this one, we are mobilizing the hip, we are mobilizing the side joint, we are loosening up that low back and we are loosening up that lower mid back area.

#4 – Foot Reach

Foot Reach

Foot Reach

You are trying to reach as far as you can with that foot and it could be with the toe or with the heel. You are using that upper body, the arms kind of anchor yourself, and reaching as far as you can with the toe or the heel. You can see Donnalee is going further and further as she is doing more and more repetitions.

#5 – Bringing The Foot To The Hand

Bringing The Foot To The Hand

Bringing The Foot To The Hand

The last level is bringing your foot all the way to your hand.

What I find with this is it works well to go through those movements as a progressive warm-up as opposed to just jumping to that fifth progression right to the hand. It is nice to work your way through lifting the hips then going hips to 90 then to foot touch and then foot reach and then foot to the hand. As you have warmed up, you can go through the movement a lot quicker. Start off slower, loosen things up, make sure you are doing the movement right, loosen up that hip, side joint, low back, low mid back and then you can pick up the pace. So there you go! Give that Scorpion Stretch a go.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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I have been having some problems with my lower back lately and this series of exercises has made such an improvement, both in my mobility and and also in alleviating the stiffness in my back. Thanks so much for maing your videos available! I subscribe to several different health and exercise newsletters and have generally found yours to be the most helpful.



Rick Kaselj Reply:

Glad to hear that Richard. Happy to help!


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