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Best Knee Tubing Exercise if You Can Not Squat


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

I wanted to go through a great exercise for people who can’t squat. If you get pain when you squat, if you have knee pain when you squat, if you just avoid squatting because of knee pain, these 3 great exercises that you can do is going to help strengthen your knee and more importantly strengthen your hip. A strong hip will alleviate stress and strain on the knee which allows the knee to recover and then also subside the knee pain. These are the 3 different ways of doing a Tubing Good Morning Exercise. 

Best Knee Tubing Exercise if You Can’t Squat

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I have got loop tubing and you can pretty much get this loop tubing anywhere. You can find it on Amazon.com. I will have a link to it down below. You can find it at a regular department store and it is just regular loop tubing and you know some people use it for assisted pull ups. I use it for a wide variety of things. I have three or four different types of resistance and with this company, this is the lowest resistance one.

#1 – Toes Pointing Straight Ahead

Donna is going to step on the loop tubing at the arches of her foot so it is secure then she is going to take the tubing and move it over her head and then put it on her traps. She doesn’t want to put it on the back of her neck because we don’t want unnecessary stress. We got her under traps and then she has grabbed it just as a safety thing because we don’t want to roll behind, we don’t want to roll forward. We want to kind of keep it into position. Now we are going through that Good Morning exercise, the traditional one.

How to do Toes Pointing Straight Ahead (front view)

Toes Pointing Straight Ahead (Front View) 

Your feet are straight ahead. Donna is going to bend a little bit so that the knees are in the safe position. Then she is going to hip hinge or move through the hip and then back up to straight and then again. The main movement is happening in that hip area. We are targeting the glutes and the ham strings. Like I mentioned, if you have knee pain, if we can strengthen up the hip as much as we can and that posterior chain, the less stress it puts on the knee and helps when it comes to the knee recovery.

How to doToes Pointing Straight Ahead (side view)

Toes Pointing Straight Ahead (Side View)

Donna went through things from the front. We did that so you could see the foot position. Now, I am just going to get Donna to face this way and we will just go through the toe straight ahead. How far the feet are? The feet are about hip width apart. I am not tight together, I am not really wide. We are about hip width apart and we are going through the movement. Feet straight ahead, knees slightly bent, really moving through that hip. You can see her head, shoulders and hips are in good alignment.

#2 – Toes Out

How to do Toes Out

Toes Out 

You are not going way out to like 90 so I am at like straight ahead and I might go out about like 30 degrees and then same thing. Knees slightly bent, bending through that hip and then coming up. We are working the extensors, the glutes and the hamstrings. The nice thing with this, when we start rotating that foot out but specifically that rotation happening in the hip we target the other glutes that ends up being like glute medius which is really important when it comes to preventing and overcoming numerous injuries in the hip, knee and back.

#3 – Toes In

How to do Toes In

Toes In

I am not going to toe in all the way to like 90. Straight ahead, I am going to come in and I am going to rotate about 30 degrees. I really want to make sure that the movement is happening in the hip and not twisting in the knee because I don’t want to put unnecessary stress on that knee. So toeing in, slight bend in the knee in a safe position, bending at the hip, feeling in the hamstring at the bottom position, coming up, working the lower back, the glutes and the glute medius.

So there you go! That is a great exercise to do if you can’t squat or whenever you are going through a squatting movement or doing squatting exercises that irritates your knees. You can do that Good Morning exercise with the loop tubing. I will go through more exercises in other videos when it comes to the loop tubing and then changing that foot position, focusing in that movement happening in the hip is another way of targeting those glutes because strong glutes prevent back pain and helps preventing and overcoming knee pain.

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Rick Kaselj, MS


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Hey Rick,

Great video, great explanation. All about the hips, glutes to protect the knee. many of my clients can’t do traditional squatting or lunge type movements due to bad knees. This is of course a big concern because when you don’t involve the legs, your metabolic furnace slows down.

Thx Rick!!



Rick Kaselj Reply:

Thank you so much, Rob!



I couldn’t find any link to the tubing, either, and haven’t seen any around. Rick, can you advise another location to purchase it, and, a product number? Thanks!



@Terry – Terry, here you go – Here you go – http://amzn.to/1J0JrZt



Dear Rick, I read your newsletters with great interest, and this one particularly hit me as I have knee pain. Now, I can a squat, I just have to warm up thorughly (I usually do the stationary bike for at least ten minutes), and I was thinking that these lubing good mornings might be a good idea to warm up with before heavy squats? Thoughts on that please? Als, you on’t mention any rep range; ten reps pr foot position, for example? Sounds good? Best wishes from Norway.


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