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Best Videos of 2015


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

Over the last few days, we have looked back at the best articles and interviews of 2015.

Now, let us take a look at the best videos of 2015.

misc115-video (1)

Enjoy the videos below!

~ Rick


Best Videos on Exercises For Injuries for 2015

10) Best Exercise to Loosen Up Your Shoulders

9) How To Foam Roll Out Your Shin Splints

8) Best Knee Pain Exercises and Stretches 

7) Most Important Exercise To Relieve Neck Pain

6) Best Back Pain Yoga Exercise

5) Quick Tip For Shoulder Pain Relief

4) Easy Hip Flexor Yoga Exercise for Non Yogis

3) Simple Test To See If You Have Tight Hip Flexors 

2) Best Knee Pain Exercises

1) Quick Exercise for Back Pain Relief

Rick Kaselj, MS

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