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Excellent Stability Ball Mid Back Stretch


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

In this video, I wanted to go through a little tweak that you can do with the stability ball in order to get more out of your mid back stretch. If you sit a lot, you tend to be really tight in the mid back and that will lead to unnecessary stress on your back, unnecessary stress on your shoulder and unnecessary stress on your neck.

Excellent Stability Ball Mid Back Stretch

CLICK HERE to watch the Youtube video.

I am going to get Alix to demonstrate it.

You need a stability ball. This is easy to find in the department store or in a gym. So Alix is going to kneel down, sitting back on her heels. She is going to do the typical mid back stretch that is done with a stability ball. She is grabbing wide on the ball, going to bend in the hips, going to try to keep her seat still on her feet and then she is rotating from one side and then on the other side.

Typical Mid Back Stretch

Typical Mid Back Stretch

The key thing to remember is you are having your arms in line with the head and the arms in line with the rest of the body. You are looking at stretching out that mid back, when it comes to arching back and arching to the side. If we want to get more out of the stretch, we can tweak this.

Mid Back Stretch Tweak

Mid Back Stretch Tweak

I will get Alix to come back to the start and cross her arms. So she is crossing her arms and she is going to bend as forward as she can. And then she is rocking to one side and then rocking to the other side. This intensifies the stretch so you can get more side bending because people tend to be really stiff in that mid back area. Start off with the first one that I showed you and if that one is easy or you are not feeling very much, then switch over to the second one.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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