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GREAT Corrective Exercise to Start Your Day


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

In this video, I wanted to go through a great corrective exercise that you can quickly do to start the day off. It is called the Reverse Overhead Lunge.

Great Corrective Exercise to Start Your Day

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I will do it in two different ways. I will get Donnalee to demonstrate it.

You start off with the reverse lunge and then you add the overhead reach. You are going to relax and then come back up to the start.

Reverse Overhead Lunge (Level 1)

Reverse Overhead Lunge (Level 1)

Why is Reverse Overhead Lunge such a great exercise?

The reverse lunge works on the lower body which is excellent and then moving from the kneeling position to standing position works on the core. Bringing the arms overhead works on the core more, works on the thoracic spine to loosen it up, and works on all the shoulder blade muscles. It is an excellent exercise to open up the body and have all those stabilizing muscles and core muscles working.

One way of doing it or how I teach it to start off with is breaking it up into two different movements. Just like what Donnalee did, you start off with the reverse lunge. You take a step back and come back. The reverse lunge is less stressful on the knee than a forward lunge. You bring your arms overhead. Hold it for a second or two and then come back to the start.

Reverse Overhead Lunge (Level 2)

Reverse Overhead Lunge (Level 2)

You can progress it by having it all in one movement. Donnalee steps back for the reverse lunge and as she steps back she is going for the reach position. Hold for a couple of seconds, coming back up and then going to the other side. Just go through like 5 repetitions on each side for a total of 10 repetitions.

Give that a go. Tomorrow morning when you wake up just go through 10 repetitions of this Reverse Lunge Overhead and see how your body feels. See how it feels more opened up and more loosened and all those stabilizing muscles being activated just by spending a minute or two going through the exercise.

Make sure to swing by ExercisesForInjuries.com and enter in your injury or pain. Secondly, if you’re watching this on YouTube, head up above and hit subscribe. What that will do is every couple of days you’ll get a video like this where I talk on overcoming injury or pain. Thirdly, head down below, hit like and leave me a question or a comment.

If you are looking more information when it comes to corrective exercises, take a look of my program called Bodyweight Corrective Exercises. It goes through a variety of assessments and exercises when it relates to corrective exercises.

Bodyweight Corrective Exercises 2.0 Program

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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