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Great Tubing Exercises for Your Knees


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

I wanted to go through a great exercise that you can do in order to strengthen up your knees.

If you have difficulty or it is painful to go through squatting movements, here is an excellent loop tubing exercise that you can do that will strengthen your knee and will put a lot less pressure on your knee compared to squatting. It’s called the Tubing Reverse Lunge.

AWESOME Exercise to Strengthen Your Knees

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I am going to get Donnalee to step on the tubing with her right leg. She is going to bring the tubing up and just start off with the tubing in the front rack position. She is going to step back and then bring the knee down. She is going into a lunge position and then coming back up and back to the start.

Tubing Full Reverse Lunge

Tubing Full Reverse Lunge

For progression, you can add an overhead press.

Overhead Press

Overhead Press

Level one would be from that front rack position, holding it and then stepping back into that lunge and coming back up.

Now if you can’t get into that deep lunge, you could do a half reverse lunge. You need to step back and you are just going to go half way, and then coming back up and stepping forward.

Tubing Half Reverse Lunge

Tubing Half Reverse Lunge

A progression that you can do is have the tubing overhead. You can step back and go into that full lunge.

Tubing Full Reverse Lunge with Overhead Press

Tubing Full Reverse Lunge with Overhead Press

You can go into that half lunge position and have the tubing overhead, back up and stepping up.

Tubing Half Reverse Lunge with Overhead Press

Tubing Half Reverse Lunge with Overhead Press

The overhead really works those shoulder blade muscles which is really important and also challenges the core. The stronger you have your core, the better you will be able to recover when it comes to knee pain. Also, it will be better to prevent knee pain if you have a great core.

There you go. If you are having difficulty squatting, give that loop tubing reverse lunge a go and you can pick whatever progression you want. You can do a full reverse lunge, a half reverse lunge or you can add that overhead reverse lunge, full lunge or half lunge.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS.

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I am in Minneapolis, MN. Where can I get the tubing you show on the knee strengthening exercise video? Thank you.


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