1. Hi Rick, Your tests seem to suggest a rather generic assessment for LE. It’s my understanding that more specific tests are in order to not only determine if one suffers from LE but at what stage is the individual at. For example, beginning stages, or more advanced stages.

    I can e-mail you some examples if you’d like sir.

    BTW, I purchased your MIR, Upper Body Edition and was very pleased. Great information from some very competent teachers/instructors/trainers/therapists. Including yourself.

    Thanks for your hard work and research!!!

    Mighty Joe



    Rick Kaselj Reply:

    The assessments are general guidelines.

    As the research shows and what I talk about in the Tennis Elbow Pain Solution video presentation, the goal standard to determine if you have tennis elbow is done by MRI or ultrasound.

    Feel free to send me the research papers.

    Thank you for the kind words about MIR.



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