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How Head Posture Affects Neck and Shoulder Pain


Filed Under (General, Health) by Rick Kaselj

Hey, I was digging through my YouTube channel.

I have 643 videos that people can watch but I have another 600 more videos that I haven’t released yet. I found an old video that was not yet published from 2010 where I talked about posture, neck pain and shoulder pain.

It is funny to look back at this old video but it also has some great information that will help you out.

~ Rick


I just finished reading a great article on how your head posture can affect the possibility of getting neck pain and shoulder pain.

What they are refining in the article is if you have a head forward posture, you will be activating or turning on or working your upper trapezius and lower trapezius muscles. Those muscles are overworking and they are more likely having those muscles overwork that lead to neck pain.

head forward posture

With the head forward posture, it turns off the serratus anterior which is a major muscle in the scapula. They are stabilizing muscles which are very important to have good activation and endure the strength when it comes to preventing shoulder injuries.

How Head Posture Affects Neck and Shoulder Pain

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

The take home message from the articles is having a neutral posture, having your head back, head in good alignment with your shoulder and rest of your body leads to a decrease in the activation of your upper trapezius and lower trapezius as well as greater activation in your serratus anterior or the very key muscle in order to prevent shoulder pain. What they found was in this position of sitting; your head is forward and your arm outstretch with the force on it is the position that they tested people in.

The really take home message is that if you have head pain, look at how your head is alignedAlign your head with good alignment with your shoulder, back and the rest of your body as it decreases neck pain and shoulder pain.

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Talk to you soon!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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