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How to Reduce Back Pain when Exercising


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

Hey, happy mother’s day!

Remember to call, text or Skype your mom today.

It was great three days in San Diego for Fitness Mastermind Meetings.

Rick Kaselj Speaking San Diego

For the most part, the weather was poor in San Diego so it was okay being inside.

After working on Thursday, my back was feeling a little stiff. Not sure if it was from the workout or from sitting too much.

I did the exercises below and my back felt much better.

So if your back gets stiff while working out, give the exercises below a go…..

How to Reduce Back Pain when Exercising

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

There are two things that I end up focusing in on and what that is;

Unlocking the hips and decompressing the spine.

They are really easy to do. They are easy exercises that you can do between your sets when it comes to doing these two things, unlocking the hips and decompressing the spine. I am going to get Orsy to go through them and the easiest way when it comes to unlocking those hips is ending up doing like a Progressive Body Weight Squat.


Orsy is going to go through a body weight squat and she is starting at one depth and then going a little bit deeper and then going a little bit deeper. She has her arms out front to counter balance. She is really focusing in on keeping that curve in the spine the same and she is working on bringing the hips as far as she can own and loosening up those hips. So Orsy I will get you to face in this direction.


 And you see Orsy has got her feet a little bit more than hip width apart and what we are working on is bringing those hips and having those hips down as far as you can before your pelvis ends up tucking. And I am getting her to go through 10-20 repetitions in order to unlock those hips.

Now the second thing ends up decompressing the spine. Throughout the day, from sitting or driving, computer work or office work there ends up being an increase of pressure in that spine and you want to decompress it and then that pressure increases when it comes to exercise especially if you end up having load like doing it with weights.

What you can do is what I call this Raising The Roof. Orsy is going to demonstrate, her palms are up and what she is going to do is reach up and reach back. And then you saw that Orsy, she is having a good movement and she is having lots of movement.


 So you can do as far as you can. I will demonstrate how far I can go. You can see Orsy almost arches all the way back over. The key things to remember are we are trying to get movement in the mid back and we are trying to get movement in that low back. And then if you look at me, I will reach and go back. I don’t have as much movement as Orsy and that’s fine. Whatever is normal for you but I am trying to be progressive in nature, reaching, arching back a little bit further, coming back and then arching back a little bit more and coming back.

Just do the range that you can do. You don’t need to go as far as Orsy. Just go to where you kind of feel light resistance, hold for a second or two, come back and then go through it again and do about 5 repetitions and the hold ends up being a second or two. So there you go.

Those are two easy quick things that you can do in order to ease back pain when you are exercising. Unlock those hips and then decompress the spine.

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This is Rick Kaselj from ExercisesForInjuries.com and Fix My Back Pain


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