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How To Stretch Your Hip Flexors If You Are Wearing a Skirt


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

A couple of days ago, I sent out a video on the best stretches to do if you end up sitting all day. Someone got back to me and asked…

“I can’t do some of those stretches because I wear a skirt all day. Is there any hip flexor stretch you suggest for people who wear skirt at work?”

BEST Hip Flexor Stretch If You Wear Skirt At Work

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

This specific stretch that she was not able to do because she wore a skirt was a 90-90 hip flexor stretch.

90-90 Hip Flexor Stretch
90-90 Hip Flexor Stretch

You can see that if you wear a skirt to work, it is difficult to do this exercise.

#1 – 90-90 Hip Flexor Stretch 1st Alternative

90-90 Hip Flexor Stretch Alternative-1
90-90 Hip Flexor Stretch 1st Alternative

An alternative is you can take feet hip width apart, take a step back and then you are tightening up your abdominal area, you are tightening up your gluts and you are bringing your hips forward and you are looking for a light stretch in hip flexor of the back leg. This is a great alternative.

#2 – 90-90 Hip Flexor Stretch 2nd Alternative

90-90 Hip Flexor Stretch Alternative-2
90-90 Hip Flexor Stretch 2nd Alternative

Now depending on what type of skirt you wear and if you are wearing the most recent fashion of skirts, I don’t know if you have seen it where it is almost like impossible to walk; this is the second alternative to do.

You stand hip width apart and I stagger my feet as much as I can and then what you are doing is tightening up that abdominal area, tightening up that glut and arching back. You are looking for a light stretch in the hip flexor of the back leg.

So, there you go!

If you are sitting a lot and you are wearing a skirt,  stretch out those hip flexors from sitting for a long period of time with those two different stretches especially if you can’t do the 90-90 hip flexor which I think is the best when it comes to targeting that hip flexor.

If you sit a lot and wants to loosen up your hip flexors, then check out….


Rick Kaselj, MS


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