3 Quick Exercises to Fend Off A Lower Back Pain Flare Up

Low Back Pain Exercises to Fend Off Back Pain

Here are three exercises that I use to fend off back pain flare ups.

The exercises are simple, quick and effective.

Have a watch of the video and please leave me a comment on what tricks

you use to fend of a back flare up or suggestions that you give your clients.

Click Here to Watch the 3 Back Pain Exercises that Fend Off a Flare Up

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– Rick Kaselj

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  1. Hey Rick, thanks for the video. I also find stretching the hamstrings out is good for relieving a tight back. Especially after sitting for a long period of time, those hams get into a shortened position, so it feels good to lengthen them out again.


  2. Hi Rick,

    I love that you included hip stretches. The hip is so often overlooked in low back pain.
    I also cue my clients to do the stretches that they can while still on the airplane/in the aggravating environment (e.g. sitting hamstring or hip rotator stretch).


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