What to Do About Knee Pain from Running (Interview with Jill Bruyere)

This past weekend I was in Orange County at a fitness conference.

I got up early before the conference and went for a run.

I love taking my running shoes with me with I travel and running.

Running is such a great way of exploring a new place.

After my run, my knees were a little sore, no old jokes please.

During lunch, I was chatting with a fellow fitness professional, Jill Bruyere, about running and she gave me a few good tips for my knee pain.

What to Do About Knee Pain After Running?

==>  Click Here To Watch the Video on What to Do About Knee Pain do to Running

Jill goes through:

– The #1 thing you should do after your run
– What you should not do after your run
– The best think you can put your legs in
– She shares a Pacific Northwest Runner secret
– Where you need to put your legs after a run

If you have not watch the quick video, head back up and give  it a watch.

I do thank Jill for her time and sharing her tips.  Jill write a great running blog, called RunWithJill.com , make sure to check it out.

If you plan on doing a marathon, Jill has a program for you, Break Your PR.  What runner does not want to do that.

Rick Kaselj, MS


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  1. Rick, maybe you should focus on why your knees are hurting instead of how to take away the pain. Try testing for muscle imbalances, trigger point release, stretching, new running shoes, softer surface to run on, proper pre-run warm-up. I hope you find a solution.



    Rick Kaselj Reply:

    Thank you for reading the blog Shelley and thank you for your solutions.

    Rick Kaselj


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