#1 Weight Loss Hack

#1 Weight Loss Hack

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I hope you enjoyed the first part of my interview with Samantha Gladish, as we talked about the three best hormone hacks. If you missed it, you could check it out here.

Today, I’ll be sharing the second part of the interview as Gladish reveals her number one weight-loss hack.

Enjoy the interview!

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In the interview above, you will discover:

  • Why sleep is important to achieve optimum health
  • How to get a good night’s sleep
  • #1 weight loss hack
  • How do we strengthen, nourish and heal the body through nutritional and botanical protocols?
  • Is destressing the key to weight loss?
  • Three ways to beat stress-induced weight gain

Why Sleep Is Important To Achieve Optimum Health

If you’re not getting deep sleep, your injury and pain recovery will be affected. And if that sleep is disrupted by things like poor sleeping habits or noise in your environment, you won’t be able to recover well from the effects of those experiences. Sleep itself profoundly impacts our overall health; it’s something we don’t often think about when practicing healthy lifestyles! In reality, rising with sunlight is important for good health – waking up naturally with the morning rays instead of setting an alarm clock.

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Sunlight can help your body “get into a rhythm,” which means you can sleep well at night. Additionally, it has been shown that getting enough vitamin D helps us manage our insulin and other hormones. Avoid the sun on days when you are going to be exposed more than usual since this is not good for your skin- yeah, but make sure not to eat too much junk food, or else your liver won’t do so great detoxifying all those toxins from sunscreen can complicate detoxing from all those sunscreen chemicals.good night's sleep

#1 Weight-Loss Hack

One of the main things I do with my clients regarding fat loss is to take out snacking. This eliminates constant hunger and helps manage insulin levels, which you need to support weight loss. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner spaced five hours apart will help you burn through stored sugar (glycogen). Adipose tissue-the body’s storehouse for excess calories that are not being used! At this point, we should note that if a person eats more frequently than every five hours. They could stimulate an increase in insulin production since their body won’t have time to regulate blood sugar naturally between meals.

I used to eat every two-three hours, and I had a full kitchen with me. It was exhausting to the point where I needed food all the time! Now, my morning routine is more relaxed and stress-free because this new eating plan allows for better digestion. The old way of eating left me hungry constantly. Still, my body can run errands without ruining its ability to digest food properly or creating excessive amounts of insulin throughout the day if there are no snacks between meals.

The health hack I am going to mention is for supporting your insulin levels. Your insulin is a fat-storing hormone; you will often gain weight if you are overproducing it. weight loss over 50

How To Strengthen, Nourish And Heal The Body Through Nutritional And Botanical Protocols?

So maybe I could start by talking about healing the body and how it relates to the botanical protocol in my practice. I use a lot of botanicals and homeopathic medicine. And then, for my clients, we do blood work, customized meal plans, and a strategic supplementation protocol that includes Rhodiola or other supplements that help with stress management.

Let’s talk about ashwagandha. It is a plant that has been studied for its medicinal benefits, and it helps to support the adrenal glands through several means – one of which is by acting as a food source for the glands when they are feeling under-challenged or stressed out. Ashwagandha also acts as an anxiolytic herb that can relieve depression and anxiety symptoms, so if you want something to help with your stress levels, this would be one way to go!

Your client can make many lifestyle changes and dietary modifications, but you also recommend botanical products like supplements. Vitamin D is a supplement I often recommend to clients as well. Probiotics are recommended for some individuals too. To improve their gut health and balance healthy bacteria levels within the body. So they will not expose themselves to any negative effects from bad bacteria. Or other contaminants which could lead them to more serious illnesses like an autoimmune disease. 

Omega-3 fatty acids, especially fish oils, have been shown in time. Fish oil is another important product with anti-inflammatory benefits. That helps people maintain hormone production throughout life without causing adverse impacts on endocrine function from certain hormones or high fat intake in general. And again to benefit cardiovascular health while providing significant brain improvement due to neurogenesis.

Is Destressing A Key To Weight Loss?

One of the biggest indicators as to why we can’t lose weight. And why our hormones are so out of whack because we’re not managing stress well. That’s one reason. So I think it’s really important that people invest in their health and take time for themselves-this includes food! If you’re eating a salad when you’re feeling angry or stressed. Then there will be no positive impact on your health or even weight loss efforts. What is needed here is effective stress management by first prioritizing self-care. Then making sure other aspects are being managed effectively too.

So managing your stress effectively is the most important thing in maintaining good health. First and foremost, cause I can promise you that it will impact your well-being most! Right? Okay. And then maybe before even talking to one thing, another item might also be a good idea! So it relates to what you’re saying.

The advice to “reduce stress” is not always the best approach when managing what we should be doing, which is taking time and getting in touch with our food. If you’re at work for lunch, take the time set aside for that meal and eat right! Don’t rush through those meals- make them special by spending quality time with your food. You can also connect with local farmers as a way of appreciating all that nature has provided us without negatively impacting our health or well-being.

Don’t rush through your food- consume them lovingly and slowly. Mastering the art of chewing your meals is another way to enjoy a healthy diet instead of just putting food in your mouth whenever you have time. Make lunchtime at work an opportunity for nourishment. Take breaks from work for a meal or stop what you’re doing entirely if necessary.

3 Ways To Beat Stress-Induced Weight Gain

  • Maintaining Good Health
  • Don’t Rush Your Meals
  • Manage Your Hormones

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

If you missed the first part of the interview, you could check it out here.

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