2 MUST DO Exercises

2 MUST DO Exercises

I wanted to go through 2 Must Do Exercises that you have never seen before.

Both of them are really important in order to protect the body from injury.

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#1 – 90/90 Hip Flexor Stretch with a Tweak

I am going to go through a hip flexor stretch, a 90-90 hip flexor stretch with a little bit of a tweak.

I will get Orsy to go through the 90-90 hip stretch.

The front leg is at 90 degrees and back leg is at 90 degrees.

Then the tweak that we are going to do is, you are going to bring the heel out on the back leg.


We are rotating that thigh inwards and intensifying the hip flexor stretch.

The other thing that Orsy needs to remember is to contract the glutes, bringing her hips forward and intensifying that stretch.

You can put your hand on a bench or wall because I am not worried about balance and I want to focus on the stretch.

Look at that tweak when you are doing the hip flexor stretch to really intensify and target things, especially if you don’t feel very much when you are doing the regular hip flexor stretch.

#2 – Seated Mid-Back Stretch

I am going to get Orsy to have a seat. This stretch is really going to loosen up that mid back and loosen up that thoracic spine.


She is genieing, genie as I call it, and then she is going to rotate to where she gets resistance. She is going to side bend, come back, rotate to the start and then the opposite way.

She is going to the point where she feels light resistance and then side bending in that mid back.

This is something that you can easily do at work, just to loosen up your mid back. Loosening up that mid back decreases the stress that you have on your low back because a lot of times stiffness in the mid back will lead to low back pain.

Remember, with every repetition you are trying, go a little bit further and a little bit further.

So there you go!

Those are the 2 must do exercises that you probably haven’t seen yet. Make sure to give those a go. You can do them throughout the day, you can do them after your workout and I know they will make your body feel a lot better, help loosen things and decrease the stress and strain on your back.

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Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS