2 Ways to Check Hip Flexors Tightness

2 Ways To Check Hip Flexors Tightness

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The family is planning to head out to the ski hill and enjoy a day outside. However, before we go, I want to share with you this video and article on the number one cause of hip muscle pain.


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The number one cause of hip muscle pain is the hip flexors. Some people don’t know that the hip flexors are not just one muscle. They are two different muscles. These are the iliacus muscle and psoas muscle.

The common mistake that people make is that they just work on just one of these muscles while ignoring the other, which is not solving the problem. How do you know if you are having an issue with your hip flexors? You will notice pinching when you squat.

I got Andrea to demonstrate.

#1 – Pinching in the Hips During Squats

Pinching in the hips during squats

When you are doing a bodyweight squat with hands out front, you might notice pinching when you get to the bottom position. You might also shift more to one side compared to the other side. These are signs of hip tightness. If you have tight hip flexors, you will have limitations in the hip on how far you can go.

#2 – Can’t Do Deep Squats

Not getting deep enough in your squats

If you go through an overhead squat and you have tight hip flexors, you won’t be able to go as deep as you can when squatting. Shifting to one side also affects the activation, endurance and strength of the gluteus maximus. Your glutes being inhibited or affected by hip flexors tightness will result in a multitude of issues when it comes to performance and injuries in the knee, hip and back.

It’s important to remember that stretching is not enough. There are two muscles that we should focus on and stretching is not sufficient. You will need a multiple of modalities to fix tight hip flexors.

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