3 Common Hip Flexor Stretching Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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#1 – Toeing Out

Having just one foot with toes pointing out straight ahead makes the stretch ineffective. It is not giving you the light stretch that you are looking for in your hip flexors area.

Your toes should be pointing straight ahead and in line with the leg as you straighten your back leg.

#2 – Not Contracting the Glutes

You should contract your glutes to bring your hips forward as it will also help relax the hip flexor muscle.

Correct Position:

#3 – Misaligned Pelvis

Your pelvis should be in proper alignment with your head, shoulders and hips to get more out of the stretch.

Make sure you are not making any of these three mistakes because, if you are, you are only wasting your time with the stretch.

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