3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Upper Body

3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Upper Body

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Most of us aren’t born with a naturally strong upper body. Even those with the physical ability to bench press a ton of weight can still experience muscle imbalance in their upper body. And it’s no fun to feel weak in the upper body when lifting weights, playing sports, or carrying heavy bags!

It’s never too late to build serious upper-body strength, and you don’t have to rely on fancy gym equipment and supplements to get your core muscles in shape. You can achieve similar results by doing a few simple exercises at home.

Take your workout regimen to the next level by adding these three highly effective upper body and core workouts to your routine today. They’ll help you build a stronger upper body that will be great for lifting weights and building a toned physique. It will only take about 10 minutes of your time!

1. Upper Body Chin-ups

A simple chin-up is a great way to improve your upper body strength. This workout exercise is excellent for building biceps and triceps muscles and will leave you feeling strong and powerful—like a superhero!

Chin Ups Exercises to Strengthen Your Upper Body


Use a standard underhand grip. Start at shoulder-width apart at full extension. Get down on your knees and grab the bar of adjustable chin-up bar. Next, perform a chin-up by bending your elbows, bringing your hands together above your head, and then pulling your body up toward the bar in a slow, controlled movement without swinging. Lower yourself back to the starting position, and repeat as many times as possible.

2. Ring Dips

Ring dips are a high-intensity exercise that effectively builds muscle and strength. It will force you to become stable in the shoulder complex and find body awareness and core stability.

Adjust the height of the rings so that your feet will not touch the ground between repetitions. Mount the rings and assume the support position. It would be best if you were above the rings, arms straight, supporting your body weight. Begin by lowering your body by bending at the elbows and keeping your shoulders close to your sides. Keep the movement steady and controlled. If possible, continue down until your shoulders almost touch your hands for a full range of motion. Press your body back to the original starting position.

Ring Dips Exercises to Strengthen Your Upper Body

Ring Dips

Make sure that your ring is about chest high. Keep the ring nice and tight to the shoulders. You want to flare the elbows out, and you want to lean in the chest.

3. Pike Sit-ups

This is one of the most popular exercise routines for building muscle mass and improving fitness. It also targets your abdominals and improves your posture. Pike sit-ups are a great way to build core strength, improve abdominal muscles, and strengthen the back.

Begin on your back with your legs straight with your arms above the head, and you will engage your core. Bring your legs up to reach your hands in one flow of motion, then back down again. Do this in a smooth, controlled movement.

Pike Sit Ups

Pike Sit Ups

Perform three chin-ups, six ring dips, and nine pike sit-ups. You will do as many sets and repetitions as possible in a 10-minute time frame. You have to pace yourself but try to keep moving. Make it metabolic and get a great upper body and core workout.

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