3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Upper Body

3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Upper Body

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Hey, I’m Isaac Payne from Pure Payne Strength and Conditioning. Today, I will show you a quick and simple yet highly effective upper body and core workout.

It will take about 10 minutes of your time.

# 1 – Chin-ups

Chin Ups


Use a standard underhand grip. Start at shoulder-width apart at full extension. Get your chin right over the bar in a slow, controlled movement without swinging.

#2 – Ring Dips

Ring Dips

Ring Dips

Make sure that your ring is about chest high. Keep the ring nice and tight to the shoulders. You want to flare the elbows out, and you want to lean in the chest.

#3 – Pike Sit-ups

Pike Sit Ups

Pike Sit Ups

Keep your legs straight with your arms are straight above the head, and you will engage your core. Bring your legs up to reach your hands, all in one flow of motion, then back down again. Do this in a smooth, controlled movement.

Perform three chin-ups, six ring dips and nine pike sit-ups. You will do as many sets and repetitions as you can in a 10-minute time frame. You have to pace yourself but try to keep moving. Make it metabolic and get a great upper body and core workout.

Until next time.

Isaac Payne

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