3 Most-effective Exercises to Eliminate Shoulder Blade Pain

3 Most Effective Exercises to Eliminate Shoulder Blades Pain

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Often my clients complain about shoulder blade pain. So today, I have a couple of exercises that you can do to help if you or someone you know suffer from shoulder blade pain.


~ Rick


In today’s video, I wanted to go through the top three shoulder blades pain exercises.

Top 3 Shoulder Blades Pain Exercises

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I got Donnalee to demonstrate.

#1 – Tennis Ball into the Shoulder Blade

Tennis Ball into the Shoulder Blade

Tennis Ball into the Shoulder Blade

You need a tennis ball or a denser ball like a rocket ball. If you are flexible enough, you can massage the mid part of the shoulder blades with your hand. If you aren’t, you can move up against the wall and press the ball between your body and the wall. Bend your knees, move your body, and massage the shoulder blade area. Often shoulder blade pain happens when the muscles around the shoulder blades are tight. We want to loosen them up by massaging the tennis ball into the shoulder blades. Do one set of 3 circles one way and 3 circles the other way. You are moving the ball around the mid part of the shoulder blade as supposed to the bony part. You can progress up to 5 repetitions each way around the shoulder blades.

#2 – Pretzel Stretch

Pretzel Stretch

Pretzel Stretch

Intertwine your arms and then raise your elbows, then return back down. This stretches the mid-back area. This exercise moves the shoulder blades, stretching the muscles in between the shoulder blades which are often tight and stiff. Start off with one set of 3 repetitions on each side, alternating the arms. Hold the stretch for 5 seconds and then you can progress to a longer hold.

#3 – Back Arch

Back Arch

Back Arch

Stand with your feet slightly wider apart in order to provide support and stability to the lower body. Extend your arms over your head and try to arch through the mid-back. Your focus isn’t in the low back – try to work on the mid-back area. We don’t want too much movement in the low back area in this mobility stretch. We are working on loosening up the mid-back area. Tightness around the shoulder blades, mid-back muscles can cause shoulder pain. Do one set of smooth controlled movements. Hold the end position for a second or two. Start off with 3 repetitions and progress to 5. You can then progress to 10 repetitions.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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