3 Must Do Exercises For The Core of Your Shoulder

3 Must Do Exercises For The Core of Your Shoulder

In this video, I wanted to go through the three must do exercises for the core of your shoulder. Core stability in the shoulder is essential for strength, mobility and preventing injury. The shoulder consists of a group of muscles that work together to provide function, stability and strength. While the shoulder needs to be strengthened and activated when recovering from an injury, the core of the shoulder should always be addressed and included in your exercise routine.

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I got Alix to demonstrate it.

Side Plank

Side Plank

Begin on the floor lying on your left side. Being your forearm to the mat and stack your left shoulder over your left elbow. Keep your shoulder blades pulling together and your shoulders down from your ears. Raise your hips up off the mat, placing your right hand on your hip. Try to maintain a neutral spine with your shoulders, hips and knees in line. You can do the side plank from the knees or from the toes, but make sure you do the exercise correctly as we are working on the core of the shoulder, involving all those muscles around the shoulder blades or scapular stabilization muscles. You are challenging the left shoulder by going through this plank position.

Now you can challenge your right side of the shoulder when it comes to those the scapular muscles or the core of the shoulder by bringing in the dumbbell movements.

Dumbbell Movement # 1 – Arm At The Side

Arm At The Side

Arm At The Side

First, move into the side plank position, keeping your hips stacked and in line. Maintain good alignment with the shoulders, hip and knees in line. Grab the dumbbell in your right hand, lift it to just shoulder height, and then lower it back down. Keep your palm facing down.

Dumbbell Movement # 2 – Arm Out Front

Arm Out Front

Arm Out Front

Dumbbell Movement # 3 – Arm To The Side And Out Front

Arm To The Side And Out Front

Arm To The Side and Out Front

Initially start off by just going through the arm movements without any weight. Move your arm from the side out to shoulder height. Next, move from the side and out front to shoulder height. Then, go from the opposite shoulder of the floor and move across. Go through the movement with your fist closed. You can start adding some weight (2 to 3 lbs. dumbbell).

Give those exercises a go. You might feel it in your core, your abdominal area, and in those small shoulder blade muscles or the core of your shoulder.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

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