3 Yoga Moves to Beat Knee Pain

3 Yoga Moves To Beat Knee Pain

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I am on my way back to Canada from Denver. If you get a chance to visit Denver this summer, it is a cool, big city to check out. The city has a lot of neat little places like this:

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Today, I have some yoga moves that can help you alleviate your knee pain.

Enjoy the video and article below.

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I got Donnalee to demonstrate.

#1 – Single Knee to Chest

Lie down on the ground. Pull your knee toward your chest as close as you can. Try to get as much range of motion happening in the knee. If placing your hand puts too much pressure on your knee, you can place your hand underneath. By not standing or putting any extra pressure through the joint, we can work on the range of motion in the knee.

Single Knee to Chest

Single Knee to Chest

Perform 5 repetitions on each side, alternating back and forth. Get as much range of motion in your hip and your knee as you can, holding and moving to the other side in smooth, controlled movements with light intensity. We are maintaining and improving the range of motion in the knee.

#2 – Low Bridge

Bend at the knees with feet hip-width apart. Push through your legs and lift your seat up. Hold it for a second or two and then come back down. We are working on activating the hips, knee, hamstrings and glutes. We are working on the muscles above the knee joint. Strong glutes and hamstrings decrease the stress on the knees and help to decrease knee pain.Low Bridge

 Low Bridge

Perform one set of 5 repetitions in a smooth, controlled movement. The intensity of this exercise is light.

#3 – Single Leg and Hand Touch

Place your hand on a wall or railing so that you are not worrying about balance. Place your weight on one leg, bend through the hip and try to touch the floor, and then raise back up. Focus on the glutes and the hamstring to do the work.

Single Leg And Hand Touch

Single Leg and Hand Touch

Perform one set of 5 repetitions on each leg, alternating back and forth in smooth, controlled movements. The intensity of this exercise is light. We are activating and strengthening the hamstrings and glutes.

Give those three knee pain relief yoga movements a go.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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