3 Yoga Moves to Beat Knee Pain

3 Yoga Moves To Beat Knee Pain

Yoga is a great way to relieve knee pain and improve overall movement. It has countless health benefits for both mind and body, including improved strength, flexibility, mood regulation, blood pressure control, and more. There are 3 yoga moves to beat knee pain.

One of the most common injuries for people is knee pain. At least one in ten Americans suffer from knee pain caused by various things, including injuries and arthritis. It can also indicate an underlying condition that may need medical attention. In addition to being painful, knee pain can affect your daily activities. In many cases, some easy exercises can help alleviate the issue.

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1. Single Knee to Chest

One of the yoga moves to beat knee pain is a single knee-to-chest pose. This pose can be done by simply lying on your back, bending one knee, and bringing it up to your chest. This pose can help improve blood circulation in the knee and strengthen and stretch the quad muscle group.

Pull your knee toward your chest as close as you can. Try to get as much range of motion happening in the knee. If placing your hand puts too much pressure on your knee, you can place your hand underneath. By not standing or putting any extra pressure through the joint, we can work on the range of motion in the knee.

Single Knee to Chest

Single Knee to Chest

Perform 5 repetitions on each side, alternating back and forth. Get as much range of motion in your hip and your knee as possible, holding and moving to the other side in smooth, controlled movements with light intensity. We are maintaining and improving the range of motion in the knee.

2. Low Bridge

The low bridge pose is a yoga pose that stretches the back of your legs and hips. It’s a great way to relieve knee pain. Easily modify this pose by changing the direction of your knees or adding more pressure on your knees.

Bend at the knees with feet hip-width apart. Push through your legs and lift your seat up. Hold it for a second or two, and then come back down. Work on activating the hips, knees, hamstrings, glutes, and the muscles above the knee joint. Strong glutes and hamstrings decrease knee stress and help reduce knee pain.
Low Bridge

 Low Bridge

Perform one set of 5 repetitions in a smooth, controlled movement. The intensity of this exercise is light.

3. Single Leg and Hand Touch

This exercise is a variation of the plank. Place your hand on a wall or railing, so you do not worry about balance. Place your weight on one leg, bend through the hip and try to touch the floor, and then raise back up. Focus on the glutes and the hamstring to do the work.

Single Leg And Hand Touch

Single Leg and Hand Touch

Perform one set of 5 repetitions on each leg, alternating back and forth in smooth, controlled movements. The intensity of this exercise is light. We are activating and strengthening the hamstrings and glutes.


If you have mild to moderate knee pain, you can reduce or eliminate it with some simple yoga poses. So, if you’re experiencing knee pain, take a few minutes out of your day to do one of these simple yoga poses to relieve it. You can also try some physical therapy to improve your range of motion.

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