4 Exercises To Stay Fit While Travelling

Hey guys! What’s up?! It is Todd Lamb here for AlphaNation.com.

For today’s workout, we are going to something that you can do on the road. Yet again, we are going to deal with some plyometric movements, aimed primarily at developing explosive power.

We are also going to scale the workout so that if you are particular with level of competency, is at, whether you are doing jumping or plyometric movements, we can scale it back down so that you still get some of the benefits, in particular, the range of motion through the hips, which is a critical part of explosive movements through the hips, and as well as some abdominal work in a couple of the other movements.

So I will take you through the workout in a second, but in terms of explosive power, critically important, in particular, for tactical operators for breaching, you are moving through your hips a lot of the time.  If you wanted to get through a door with a mechanical ramp, as you come through, that is all in the hips.

A lot of people thinks that is upper body, so twisting through the thoracic cavity — that is not the case at all.  The best preachers in the world come through the hips and take that door off the hinges in one strike.  So come on over and let us get a look at the workout.

So here is the workout that I wanted you to do, it is 4 rounds, 4 exercises, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off and then you rest in between sets.

It is going to be contingent on your level of expertise.

If you need 3 minutes, take 3.  If you can get away with 2, take 2, but if you are a little more advanced, just do 1 minute.  So 4 rounds, 30 seconds on then 30 seconds off and rest accordingly.

How To Do Travel Workout

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#1- Squat Jump

Remember with the Squat Jump, we are working on the hip extension, explosion through the hips.  Any good operator or a breacher can explore through the hips so we wanted to teach that athletic movement.


Squat Jump

Shoulder-width apart, hands apart, you are going to lower under control and explode up.  From the squat jumps, you are going to move into Mount Climbers. 

#2- Mountain Climbers

The key for mountain climbers is staying engaged through your core and exploding through your feet.  Do not lose your posture.


Mountain Climbers

#3- Power Push-ups

Your shoulder is stacked over your wrist, again keeping your core engaged and you are going to explode up.  Now if you are not at that level yet, go to your knees.  We still wanted to take advantage of what plyometrics does.


Power Push-ups

Power Push-ups Alternative Position:  If you cannot do it from your regular position.  Just go to your knees explode up.


Power Push-ups Alternative Position

#4- One-leg Glute Bridge

Now, remember, we are closing the gap between the ribs and our hips, engaging every field of abdominal action.  You are coming up, lift the leg, put it out, down and up.  You will feel that in the opposite hamstring, in the opposite glute.  Down and up, staying level across the hips.  Switch legs down and up.  Maintaining that neutral spine.  Once you are on the ground, you do not want to create that gap in between the floor and your back, down and up.


One-leg Glute Bridge

Remember when you are on the road, the best training you can do is “training that you will do”. Do not make it over complex.  That is a very simple straightforward workout.  We are hitting the core. We are doing explosive movements.  We are engaging your heart, increasing the heart rate.  Certainly, through the Mountain Climbers, your heart rate will climb and, if you do it in 35-degree heat, your heart rate will climb.

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