40 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

40 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your husband can be a challenging task. But never fear! We’ve got you covered. Lucky for you, we talked with all sorts of men and found out what they want for Christmas this year. Read on to find the perfect gift ideas for your husband.

gift your husband nw headphones

1. Better Headphones

If your husband is like mine, he often unwinds by blocking out the noise for a bit and listening to something he enjoys. If he’s using dollar store earbuds, he’s getting poor sound quality and probably buying new ones every few weeks.

Buy him a new pair of high-tech, cordless, noise-canceling earbuds. Look for a pair with excellent reviews and at least a one-year warranty.

gift your husband a kayak

2. Kayak

Is your man a lover of nature, water and peaceful moments? Consider buying him his own kayak for Christmas this year. If he has a truck, a hardshell kayak is great. However, if not, look for one of the incredibly durable inflatable models available these days. They come with oars and a portable air pump. These kayaks can fit into a backpack and be ready to hit the water in minutes.

gift your husband a deluxe shaving kit

3. Deluxe Shaving Kit

If he’s still using disposable razors, consider a shaving upgrade for your husband this year. Get him a nice deluxe shaving kit with a quality, reusable razor, luxurious shaving cream and top-shelf aftershave lotion. He’ll love it.

gift your husband nice slippers

4. Nice Slippers

He won’t admit it, but your husband’s tootsies are chilly in the morning. He could use a pair of faux fur-lined slippers to warm up his dogs before they hit the floor.

gift your husband a new hat

5. Fine-quality Stocking Cap

Sure, you could pick up a cheap stocking cap made of synthetic fibers from the local big-box retailer. But your husband doesn’t love that scratchy hat. Get him one that he’ll be excited to put on his head instead. Look for a high-quality stocking cap made from 100 percent cashmere, soft cotton or wool.

gift your husband a travel mug

6. The Best Travel Mug

If your husband enjoys a hot cup of coffee on his morning commute, shop around for the best-rated travel mug. Read the reviews to make sure you’re buying one that won’t leak and will keep his coffee piping hot for hours.

gift your husband a smartwatch

7. Smartwatch

He’s been looking at them for a couple of years. But he can’t bring himself to spend the money on a new smartwatch. Splurge for him and get him one for Christmas. Truly, this is the best year to purchase a smartwatch. The new models are much smarter than previously released units. He’ll be amazed at the technology he can access from his wrist.

gift your husband personal training

8. Personal Training Sessions

Buy your main squeeze a package of personal training sessions this holiday season. You’ll warm his heart and help strengthen it as well.

gift your husband a car wash kit

9. Car Wash and Wax Kit

Did you marry a car guy? If so, he’ll appreciate a complete car wash and wax kit. Make sure to find one with high-quality car care products that are excellent for his ride. Toss in some drying rags, and you’ve got the perfect gift for him.

gift your husband a pull up bar

10. Pull-up Bar

What guy doesn’t want to bust out a few pull-ups once in a while? Your husband can do that in the comfort of his own home with a sturdy doorway pull-up bar. These handy systems are easy to install and won’t ruin your door frame. It’s the ideal gift for a fit husband.

gift your husband a BBQ

11. Cast-iron Cookware Set

If your husband likes to cook, consider buying him a set of cast-iron cookware for Christmas. Using cast iron is a rugged way to tinker around in the kitchen. These pans are known as the original nonstick cookware. They can go from the stovetop to the oven or even the firepit with ease. There’s also no chemical coating in cast-iron pans, which makes them a safe choice.

gift your husband a camera

12. Dashboard Camera

A dashcam is not only a cool gadget, but it can also be useful in an accident. The prices on dashcams have come down significantly in the past few years. You can get a pretty high-quality product at a reasonable price.

gift your husband new underwear

13. New Underwear

When is the last time you tossed out your husband’s old underwear? If they’re threadbare and the elastic is worn out, consider buying him some new ones. There is some excellent silky soft and supportive men’s underwear on the market these days. Get him a three-pack of top-of-the-line boxer briefs.

gift your husband a weighted blanket

14. Weighted Blanket

If your husband struggles to get a good night’s sleep, shop around for a weighted blanket. Some say that these heavy blankets can ease restless leg syndrome, improve sleep and help reduce stress. This is an excellent gift for the guy who tosses and turns at night.

gift your husband a coffee subscription

15. Coffee Subscription

If he’s into coffee, buy your husband a gourmet coffee subscription. He’ll get a pound of coffee to enjoy every month. You can bet he’ll be reminded of what a lucky guy he is every time his coffee arrives by mail.

gift your husband a chess set

16. A Better Chess Set

Is your guy a thinker? If he enjoys the strategic practice of playing chess, it may be time to get him an upgraded chessboard. Shop around for the most unique board you can find. Then, brush up on your own chess skills so that you can play with him.

gift your husband a docking station

17. Docking Station

Does it seem like the top of your husband’s nightstand is perpetually littered with chargers, spare change, phone accessories and business cards? If so, a practical docking station is what he needs for Christmas this year. Search online for one that has a place for all of his gear.

gift your husband a beard shaver

18. Beard Shaper

If your guy takes pride in his facial hair, shop online for a beard shaping tool. It’s a small item that will help him cut in both sides of his beard evenly ― a must-have item for your bearded beau.

gift your husband pajamas

19. New Pajamas

Yes, men like new jammies too. Buy a set of soft, warm pajamas for your husband this year. Get a set of your own to match.

gift your husband an electric grill

20. Indoor Electric Grill

If he’s passionate about grilling, buy your man an indoor electric grill so that he can craft the perfect dinner even when it’s freezing outside. The new models are space-saving and easy to clean.

gift your husband an umbrella

21. Sturdy Umbrella

Do you live in a rainy climate? If so, your husband needs a dependable umbrella. Buy him a new, sturdy umbrella that won’t bend out of shape in the wind. These do exist, and they’re perfect for your husband.

gift your husband new gloves

22. The Finest Gloves

There are many pairs of gloves you can buy for your man. However, not all of them are created equally. Look for a pair that is both stylish and comfortable. Also, find some that are easy to use with touchscreen phones. He’ll be so thankful for this gift on cold winter mornings.

gift your husband an apron

23. His Own Apron

Sometimes, a guy needs his own apron. Yours is pretty and all, but it isn’t a manly getup. Make sure he feels like the masculine hunk of man that he is when he’s washing dishes, roasting a chicken or baking a pie. Buy him an apron that’s only for him.

gift your husband sneakers

24. Good-looking Sneakers

There’s nothing like a new pair of good-looking kicks. Buy your husband some shoes that are not only practical but also stylish. Shop around for shoes that you know he’ll love to wear.

gift your husband a ceramic knife

25. Ceramic Knife

If your husband likes to cook, you’ve got to hook him up with a quality ceramic knife set. These knives are incredible. They are razor-sharp and never require sharpening. If you buy him one, he’ll likely never want to use anything else.

gift your husband a putting green

26. Putting Green

Your husband will thank you repeatedly for buying him an indoor or outdoor putting green. It’s the perfect gift for the guy who loves to golf. Any time of the day, he can practice his putting game and remember what a cool spouse he has.

gift your husband a cheese club subscription

27. Cheese of the Month Club

Your foodie husband will love a cheese of the month subscription. Up to 12 times a year, he’ll get to try a tasty, exotic cheese without even leaving the house. Pair it with a wine of the month club, and you have yourself a party once a month.

gift your husband a high-tech toothbrush

28. High-tech Toothbrush

Did you know that there are toothbrushes on the market today that hold a charge for up to 30 days? They also have timing functions, gum massage settings and bristles that fade when they need to be replaced. Grab one of these high-tech toothbrushes to keep your man’s smile shining all year long.

gift your husband phone protection

29. Serious Phone Protection

If your husband has spent several hundred dollars on a nice cellphone, it’s a great idea to get him a phone cover that will protect it from anything. Shop for a weatherproof, shockproof phone case for his device.

gift your husband a projector

30. Projector

A big-screen TV is nice. However, projecting the game onto the wall in your living room is even better. Consider a projector for your husband so that he can enjoy a big-screen experience anywhere.

gift your husband a stand up paddle board

31. Stand-up Paddleboard

If your man likes staying fit and enjoying time on the water, a stand-up paddleboard is the perfect Christmas gift. You can buy hardshell boards or nice inflatable ones for portability.

gift your husband satellite radio

32. Satellite Radio Subscription

A satellite radio subscription is the perfect gift for the guy who enjoys listening to sports, talk, comedy and music on his commute to work. Sign him up for a subscription. He’ll love it.

gift your husband a hammock

33. Hammock and Stand

Could your husband use a restful afternoon in a hammock? Shop around for a nice-looking hammock and stand for him. Then, set it up in the backyard and tie a bow around it.

gift your husband a dartboard

34. Darts and a Board

If your husband has a den, office or a game room without a dartboard, you can fix that. Shop for one with an automatic scorekeeper built-in. It’s a great gift for your fun-loving guy.

gift your husband a tool set

35. New Tool Set

Have some of the tools gone missing from your handy husband’s tool kit over the years? Could he use an upgrade on some of the basics? If so, look around at some of the higher-end toolsets available online. He’ll love receiving a full set of good-quality tools he can use.

gift your husband a foosball table

36. Foosball Table

Every guy loves a good game of foosball. Buy him a nice foosball table and be ready to play.

gift your husband a power drill

37. Power Drill

If your husband’s power drill was purchased more than two decades ago, it’s time for a new one. The power drills on the market today feature extra-long battery life, work lights built-in, and much more power than ever before.

gift your husband a home brew kit

38. Homebrew Kit

If you’ve got a husband who enjoys craft beer and kitchen projects, a home brewing kit may be the perfect gift for him. Find an all-in-one brewing kit, complete with amber beer bottles and a capper.

gift your husband a drone

39. A Fantastic Drone

Drones aren’t for kids only. These gadgets are fun for anyone to use. Find one with cool features like auto-return, long battery life and a high-definition (HD) video camera. Your tech-savvy husband will enjoy hours of fun with this gift.

gift your husband a massage

40. Massage Sessions

If your hardworking husband could use a bit of stress relief and relaxation, consider buying him a few sessions of massage for Christmas. He’ll truly appreciate this thoughtful gift of reduced stress and muscle tension. If you think he’d prefer to have you by his side, buy a few couple’s massage sessions that you can enjoy together.

Give Your Husband the Perfect Christmas Gift

Show your husband ― or the important men in your life ― how much you appreciate him by choosing a gift that he will love. Use our gift guide to find the right present for your number one guy.

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