6 Suspension Training Exercises to Help with Pain

6 Suspension Training Exercises to Help with Pain

Suspension exercises workout plan will help you get into peak shape faster than ever before and reduce pain in your back, shoulders, arms, legs, and core – all at the same time. Suspension exercises are high-intensity exercises that use your body weight as resistance and The TRX as the training apparatus. It involves climbing ropes, lifting weights, and hanging from straps with your hands while performing a variety of dynamic movements.

I am Dan Long with Suspension Revolution. Today, I am coming to Rick Kaselj’s readers with a special video to show you how the suspension trainer can help you strengthen your shoulders, your lower back, your knees, and also your core so you can feel younger again and possibly even rehab a past injury like I do my left shoulder.

Let’s get into it.

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Now, I have a lot of professional athletes, moms, dads, and kids coming to me.

About the Suspension Trainer

Let’s talk about that for a minute. I had a gentleman come to me a roadside bomb blew that up. It’s the gentleman that is here. He is a ranger for our army and our military services.

He was blown up by a roadside bomb and had a messed-up back and a shoulder.

Now, I also have a past shoulder injury where I tore my rotator cuff. I also separated my clavicle when I was younger, and it’s been bothering me for many years until I got into suspension training.

Here’s the thing: I am using this as an example right now for you with that military guy and myself. We rehabbed him and myself with this apparatus.

Robinson Cano of the Yankees, one of the highest paid players ever, hired me because of this apparatus to take his game up a little bit and be able to push the notch and the level up on his fitness because suspension training believes and it executes. It delivers something that you can’t get anywhere else.

How did I rehab my shoulders?

I am going to show you today.

The beauty here is that suspension training is all about bodyweight.

You can change it with one stance, move backward and make it harder, move forward to make it easier, and do this at any age.

Suspension Exercise 1. Supported Shoulder Movement

I applied a little bit of pressure with my fingertips, put my feet together, and corrected my posture with a little bit bent on the knees.

1 Finger Tips, Feet, and Bent positions

I can move my arms like this, and you can see that these canvas straps are moving with me.

2 move arms out

Supported Shoulder Movement

Now, inside the shoulder, you can feel deep down in because suspension training hits deep down in the tissue, strengthening areas that weights cannot do. I am moving out, and I am moving back.

Suspension Exercise 2. Supported Trunk Rotation

I can do a full rotation and see that by pushing down on my hands, I can quickly control the amount of resistance. If I move the other way, this is great for golfing also. Then the other way again and then back down.

3 Full Rotation

Supported Trunk Rotation

Suspension Exercises 3. Supported Rowing

If I put a little pressure on the handles, I move in and out.

4 Put a little bit of pressure onto the handles

Supported Rowing

Suspension Exercises 4. Wide Squat with Shoulder Movement

I can separate my feet and do multiple movements. And I can squat from my knees and then come up and move in. I can squat back down, and I can rotate out.

5 multiple movements

Wide Squat with Shoulder Movement

All these movements are perfect for the joints, muscles, and tendons to strengthen.

Even my grandmother, I have her on a TRX. She’s almost 90 years old and can do these movements.

This movement is pretty standard, right? But when you have a suspension trainer, you can do multiple muscles simultaneously.

TRX works over 600 muscles at one time.

Suspension Exercises 5. Single Leg Squat

When you run, some runners have runners’ knees like me. I used to run and got a runner’s knee. I was able to strengthen my left knee with a torn muscle by using suspension training by simple movements like these:

6 Single Hand Mode

Single Leg Squat

I can go to single-hand mode and can lower my strap down. Also, I can put one foot in my foot cradle just like this, and now my core is engaged and my balance. I move away a little bit, and I move just a little bit, which will help strengthen my core; at the same time, it supports the muscles around my knee. You can get into extreme movements, but this is pretty basic. But you can see that even this is not easy.

The knee joints and the shoulders are keys to staying healthy but let’s talk about the lower back.

What are the lower back muscles? Rick is always telling you how to fix your back pain.

Here’s the thing, I used a lot of Rick’s techniques for my back pain, but I also use suspension training to strengthen my core muscles because I, 40 years old, L4 & L5 discs in my back slipped when I wanted to, right? Not anymore.

Suspension Exercises 6. Suspension Training Plank

With suspension training, I can do core exercises. I can go like this:

7 Double

Then take it out from single-hand mode. I put both my feet in the feet cradles. Now, remember, the lower back is tied to your core.

8 Plank Position

Plank position

Then I can come up into a plank position, strengthening my lower back and core muscles. This is how I alleviated the pain of the military gentleman and my lower back pain.

We ALL Have Injuries

We all have injuries. It’s a matter of maintenance. It’s a matter of how we treat our bodies the minute we get an injury. I am not about medication, and I am not about running to a chiropractor every time I want to fix something. I am all about preventive maintenance, Suspension Training.

This Suspension Revolution product that I created has 191 exercises with five months of training 3x a week and never even doing the same exercise twice. Suppose you are looking for something to help you with your knees, shoulders, back, spine, core, and everything. In that case, I promise you that this Suspension Revolution product is one of the best products you will ever purchase, and this is the answer to alleviating a lot of shoulder pain, back pain, and knee pain that I know we all suffer from. It happened for me, and it has happened to tons of my clients, and it can also happen for Rick Kaselj’s readers.

I love having you here with me today. Thank you so much for watching this video, and I will see you over here.

Dan Long

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