6/11/10 – Random Rambles from Rick Kaselj

Random Rambles from Rick Kaselj

Review of Core Stability for the Rehab Client DVD

I sent my Core Stability for the Rehab Client DVDs to fellow personal trainer, John Izzo.
I wanted to get his take on the DVDs.

John had some very kind things to say about me and the DVDs.

“Rick Kaselj is a great exercise physiologist from Canada and a great presenter.
His 3-disc DVD set Core Stability for the Rehab Client is a fantastic resource for trainers that work with anyone demonstrating postural deficiencies and post rehabilitative status.”
John Izzo
Personal Trainer

Where I Blog

I try to take some time out of the week to blog.  I prefer to find a coffee shop that I can sit at and type.
I had to go to Blaine, Washington and I found a great coffee shop that was an old train caboose.
The weather was amazing and I sat outside and type out a few blog posts for you.  My computer battery died after 1 hour so I had to leave but I had a great hour of writing.
Here is a picture of me a few steps from the coffee shop:

Amazing Scapular Stabilization Exercise Program Testimonial

It is amazing to get these testimonials.
It is really difficult to quantify the amount of time and energy one puts in to a book but it is all worth it when you here your books has helped them out and their clients.
“So far the Scapular Stabilization Exercise Program has been very useful.
I’m not a kineseology student, but I am a BCRPA personal trainer and have more recently been working with clients on rehabilitating their shoulder, back, hip and knee injuries.
The Scapular Stabilization Exercise Program has been great because I was already coming up with scapular stabilization exercises on my own and to come across your program has made my life much easier.
The client handouts have been wonderful, and my client’s doctor has had a ton of great things to say about her progress and how my (your) methods have been very effective!
I’m looking forward to getting into your Corrective Exercise for Injury-free Running webinar next, thanks!!!
Jenn Milne-Duddy
BCRPA Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor
If you have attended any of my courses, purchased a webinar or ready a book of mine; please do let me know what you think.  Yes, all of the good and bad.  I always looking for feedback and work hard to improve my courses, webinars, books and manuals.  I can only do that with your help.

Fat Trainers

I get a chuckle when this comes up.

I think I have hear three fitness educators talk about it.

They say something like, “Look in the mirror, if you are fat, maybe you should not be a personal trainer.”

I got to say, I am not the skinniest guy in the world.  When you hire someone, especially a personal trainer, you need to hire a specialist or someone you want to become.

For example, I have specialty of injuries, people come to me for their injuries and I help them out.  They don’t come to me for fat loss or are training with me so they can look like me.  The come to me for my speciality.

What I am saying, make sure your specialty matches what you see in the mirror.

Enough about fat trainer.

I think that is it.  Have a great day.

Rick Kaselj