Ankle Injuries & Exercise with Jimmy Smith

Ankle Injuries and Exercise with Jimmy Smith copy

ankle_injuries_ExercisesAnkle injuries are huge.

That is why I have chatted so much about them on the blog.  If you dig in the archives of the blog, you will find a hiking stretch to prevent ankle injuries and  why your clients ankle exercise rehabilitation program is not working.

Now back to this post.

My 23 month old son suffered an ankle sprain.

Ya!  23 month old.

He was playing in the playground and came off the slide funny.

I was there and watch it.  It was a classic inversion sprain.

I think it was because of the over-sized running shoes he was wearing.

It slowed him down but he was able to continue playing.

We noticed it even more later that night.

His gait was off and his ankle was sloppy.

He bounce back very quickly.

I will keep an eye on that right ankle to see what happens over the next little while.

Now to the interview.

I interviewed Jimmy Smith, who is a personal trainer in Stamford, Connecticut.

Jimmy shared a number of tips on how he used exercise to over come his ankle injury plus his approach to clients with injuries.

What Jimmy Smith Covers in the Interview on Exercise and Ankle Injuries:

– His story of ankle injuries
– Ankle injuries and low back pain
– Exercises he did to overcome his ankle injury
– Stretching exercises that helped his ankle injury
– How he approaches a client that has had an injury
– Advice for trainers that are afraid of client’s with injuries

Exercise and Ankle Injuries Interview with Jimmy Smith

==> CLICK HERE to watch the Jimmy Smith interview on exercises and ankle injuries

Thank you so much Jimmy for the great interview.

Balance_Training_for_the_Rehab_Client_Rick_KaseljTo get more information on Jimmy Smith make sure you visit

P.S. – If you are looking for exercises for your clients with ankle injuries, I would recommend attending these courses for fitness professionals:

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That is it for now.

Rick Kaselj, MS