Are You Ahead of Your Time?

Are You Ahead of Your Time

Training program for clients who have injuries is essential to understand the limitations of their condition. For example, if a client has an injured ankle, they will not be able to do specific exercises such as running or jumping. Working with a professional who knows rehabilitation is necessary. Even clients with moderate injuries can make significant progress with patience and guidance. 

A good trainer will consider the damage when designing a training program for clients. When creating a training program for someone recovering from surgery or an injury, it’s essential to consider their limitations. These limitations may be physical, but they may also be mental. They may feel pain and discomfort when doing exercises such as squats and lunges. They may also feel nervous about injuring themselves again during training. In addition, there may be times when they don’t feel like exercising. For example, let’s say you train a client who had knee surgery. When working with a client who has an injury or is recovering from surgery, one of the easiest ways to decrease the likelihood of injury is to increase the amount of time spent warming up before starting a workout.

When a client has an injury, it is essential to modify any exercise routine accordingly. Not only can this help to prevent further damage, but it can also speed up the healing process.

One way to do this is to focus on movement quality – ensuring that the client is not putting extra stress on the injured area. Another option is to provide gentle stretches and light strengthening exercises while healing.

For example, if a client has an ankle sprain, you could start them on a range of motion exercise and a gentle foot massage. This helps keep the ankle flexible and promotes blood flow to the area.

Another option is to focus on body awareness for those who are in pain or experience discomfort. Clients experiencing pain due to an injury must be aware of their body movements. They should be able to feel where they might be placing too much pressure on their body, causing additional stress or anxiety in the injured area.

Training clients recovering from an injury or surgery, it is vital to take special care to ensure that the equipment you use and the exercises you choose are safe. It is also essential to understand what activities they can do and what they should avoid in designing the needed training program for clients. For example, if a client is recovering from knee surgery, you should use caution when having them do squats with a barbell on their back. Instead, you can use dumbbells for squats or have them sit on a bench and lift their feet up and down to keep their knees mobile.

If you are unsure how to train injured clients, it is best to consult with a physical therapist. They will be able to advise you on the best exercises for your clients and the appropriate equipment for them.

If you are reading this, you know I am big into injuries.

That is my thing.

That is what I see, live, breathe and overcome.

Sometimes I think I am a little crazy to be focused on this.

I wanted to get a reality check about this injury thing. I thought I would walk up to Tom Plummer and ask him about injuries.

Since I have presented at several fitness conferences, I know that presenters are easily reachable. I know I love it when people come up and ask me questions.

Sitting in the audience for 6.3 hours, I listened to his recommendations regarding what clubs should be doing and highlighted what fitness clubs were doing wrong.

As I walked up, I was not sure of what to expect. Tom is a blunt guy. If you are wrong or suck, he will let you know.

I thought he would say it was a crazy idea and that I was wasting my time.

I waited my turn and asked.

Here goes my question:

“Tom, I don’t do group training or training in a club. I do one-on-one training focusing on people with injuries. Do you think I am crazy for being in this niche, and is there a future in this niche?”

What Tom Plummer had to Say about Training Clients with Injuries

“You are ahead of your time.

Injuries will be a big trend in the future.

We will see this in 3 to 5 years.

I was talking to ACE Fitness about this.

It will be necessary for fitness centers and professionals to be able to address special populations.”

        Tom Plummer on Injuries

Tom Plummer (Not For People that Have Sensitive Ears)

Then he patted me on the shoulder and said I was in a good niche.

That was cool.

So cool.

I am not crazy.

I might be onto something.

Are you ahead of your time?

Rick Kaselj, MS