How To Fix Chronic Low Back Pain

How To Fix Chronic Low Back Pain

April 18, 2023 Rick Kaselj

Throwing your back out can cause intense low-back pain and stiffness, especially if you come from a bad fall. It can even be an–the-floor-can’t-move debilitating experience. Typical symptoms include muscle spasms with bouts of muscle […]

coccydynia tailbone

Coccydynia: Tailbone Pain

April 13, 2023 Rick Kaselj

Do you experience Pain in your tailbone, especially when sitting? Does the Pain lessen when you are walking? Then you might be experiencing coccydynia or commonly known as tailbone pain. This condition may be bearable. […]

No Picture

April 10, 2023 Rick Kaselj

If you’re wondering how to loosen tight quad muscles, you’re in the right place. Most people complain about sore, tight quads. Tight quads can be frustrating, especially when they cause discomfort or pain. However, with […]

Osteoporosis - The Silent Disease

OSTEOPOROSIS – The Silent Disease

April 6, 2023 Rick Kaselj

This article will help you to understand more about osteoporosis wrist exercises. Are you experiencing weakness in your grip? Or can you observe that your fingernails are also becoming brittle daily? If yes, then you […]

Young woman working at home office

Healthy Home Workstation Ergonomics

March 9, 2023 Rick Kaselj

Many businesses have explored the online world to promote their products and services. With advancing technology and increased connectivity, most work and business can now be done anytime, from anywhere…, especially from the comfort of […]

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