Avoid A Common Mistake People With Pain Make

Avoid A Common Mistake People With Pain Make

I am back again with a reply to a Fix My Back Pain customer’s question.

I wanted to reply to a question and highlight a mistake that people overcome injury and pain make. I got a question from Shannon and this is what Shannon said:

“Hi, Rick. I purchased your Fix My Back Pain program three days ago. It’s great but honestly, this is not different than what my physical therapist is telling me to do. 

Is it possible to receive a refund?”


1. When it comes to a refund, absolutely no problem. 

Just email me at [email protected] Please include your click bank receipt and then we can end up finding your order number and we can refund things.

2. A lot of people like Shannon make this mistake. The mistake is that they don’t commit to one thing when it comes to overcoming their injury and pain.

They are out there and they are getting one person’s advice, looking at another program, going over here, going over there but they never follow one program all the way.

That’s why I recommend that what you do with Fix My Back Pain is give the program a go and commit to the program. I would ideally recommend committing to it for one month but at a minimum commit to it for seven days.

Go through Component 1Reshaping your back from the inside. And Component  2 –  Reshaping your back from the outside.

These are very simple things that you can do that most health and fitness professionals do not focus on.  You do not need to add any more time to your gaining what stuff to do, you can implement these easily and do them.

If you see benefits and if your back starts feeling better, then move on to the injury-specific exercises.

If by the end of the seven days you are feeling better, your back is feeling better, if you commit to the program longer, you are going to get the results that you are looking for especially if you commit to it for a month.

I recommend that for yourself.

Avoid a common mistake that people make which is they keep on trying things and don’t commit to one thing when it comes to their back pain.

I urge you to commit to Fix My Back Pain, take action on everything I say. Start with Component  1 and Component 2. They are easy to do and then incorporate Component 3 which is the injury-specific exercises. Do that for seven days.

If you end up feeling better, if your back ends up feeling better then definitely commit to it for a month and you will get even more results and then by the end of that month, you are going to want even more results so you will commit to it longer.

There you go. Thank you very much for your questions at Fix My Back Pain and send me your back pain questions. This is Rick Kaselj from ExercisesForInjuries.com and Fix My Back Pain.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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