Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes When Training Your Legs


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Today, a got some great tips from Niall Traynor when it comes to leg training.


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Hey guys it’s Niall from HowDoIGetGreatLegs.com. What I want to talk to you about is the 3 Most Common Mistakes People Make When They Are Training Legs.

What we are going to do is we are going to show you those 3 mistakes around the mother of all leg exercises the “Squat.

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Tip #1: Reach Back with your Hips

When you are doing legs you actually want to make your hips do most of the work, while the lower back and legs are assisting.

When you do it like that, you are going to get great legs not to mention great glutes.

I am going to show you how to squat. I want you to pay attention to Mimie’s hips. She reaches back like she is siting into a chair.

Reach Back with your Hips

Reach Back with your Hips

Her hips are not in when she comes down, she reaches back.

Tip #2: Keep your Back Straight

You want your back straight as a razor. But you notice when she did the squat, she wasn’t upright. You can keep your back straight and bend over. The key thing is that you are straight from the crown of your head to the bottom of your tail bone or sacrum.

We will show it to you again and now I want you to pay attention to her back. Same movement but look at how straight it is even slightly arched, that’s great posture. Reach it back from the hips and straight back.

Keep your back straight

Keep your Back Straight

Having that kind of posture protects your lower back. When you cave in when you squat that’s how you will hurt your lower back. (If you do hurt your back then Fix My Back Pain can help you.)

Tips #3: Keep Your Weights On Your Heels

Now lastly, what people almost never pay attention to are their feet. The way you are holding the weight on your feet determines whether your knees and lower back are taking the weight or whether your hips are taking the weight.

When you are squatting, you want to make sure that the weight is in your heels possibly in your mid foot but definitely not on the balls of your feet. You don’t actually have to be off your heels for the weight to be on the balls of your feet, you can feel it shift. You have to feel the weight on your feet and make sure you are pushing through your heels, the whole way down and the whole way up.

I will show you that again and I want you to pay particular attention to her heels as she keeps them on the ground. The weight is not shifting forward at all.

Keep your weights on your heels

Keep your weights on your heels

Now, if I am at the gym and I watch people squat, one of the things I commonly see is this one, staring at the feet you can see slight shifts on the front of the foot and that’s where people get hurt.

Keep those 3 things in mind and you will be training your legs with great form and get great results.

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