Best Exercises for Training to do a Pistol Squat

Best Exercises for Training to do a Pistol Squat

I’m back! And today, we will have Sean again. He will show off some of the great exercises you can do before you do a pistol squat.

A pistol squat is a challenging exercise that targets the quadriceps in your thighs and gluteus maximus muscles. These are two of the largest muscle groups in your body, so it makes sense that squats would target them.

It also works your core and smaller stabilizing muscles in the hips and glutes. In addition to improving strength, these muscles can help you avoid knee pain when climbing stairs or hills. Pistol squats also improve balance, coordination, and agility because of the unstable surface beneath you.

I hope you enjoy it!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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Here is the free video I made for friends of Rick that describes my favorite methods for preparing to do a pistol squat.

Pistol squats or close stance bodyweight squats are made easier with these four straightforward exercises that open up the hips and ankles. These exercises will also help with any hip-hinging exercises like deadlifts or cleans.

Go here to check out the best exercises for training to do a pistol squat:

This site will take your mobility and strength to the next level. Here is my tale of how I went from having chronic hip and knee pain and dysfunction to performing 12 bodyweight one-legged squats with my left leg.

The pistol squat is a unique movement that develops strength, balance, and mobility simultaneously. It requires more balance and stability than other squat variations because there are no secondary supports to catch you if you begin to fall over. As such, this movement is one of the best ways to test your functional strength and see how balanced you are in everyday life. 

Since the barbell or rack is the barbell or rack is the barbell or rack is the direct support for other squat variations, it’s much easier to keep from falling when performing them. Also, the pistol squat has some serious mental benefits. The lack of safety catches with pistol squats forces you to trust your physical abilities and develop an unbreakable mental fortitude.

With all these benefits in mind, learning to perform a pistol squat can have huge long-term benefits for your body and mind!

Sean Schniederjan, RKC


PS: My buddy Karen went from believing one-leg squats would be too difficult to master to performing 4 of them in 24 hours, all thanks to my mentorship.

If you are already a champion and don’t believe squats should be a part of any exercise program, you may want to rethink this. Squats are a wonderful exercise for you no matter what level you are in your fitness journey.

Squats offer a range of benefits. They can help make you stronger and more flexible and reduce back pain. Squats can even build more muscle and increase your endurance during exercise. The only way to know if squats are right for you is by trying them! It can be challenging to start, but the health benefits of squat programs are well worth the effort.

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