Best of 2011

Another year has passed, wow.

They just keep truck’n on by.

It is always nice to stop and take a look at the year that is just about to pass.  Before I look at the year, I wanted to see how far this little blog has come.

Looking Back at

I started this Exercises For Injuries thing on February 26, 2009.  My first post was Keeping Up with the Bones .  It was a bad post.  I had no idea of what I was doing, but I just started writing.  Nearly 3 years later, I am well past my 400th post.  Things have improved drastically but there is still a lot more that I can do.

Rick and YouTube

One other way that I have been helping getting the word out when it comes to injuries and exercise has been my YouTube channel.  I started it on December 25, 2008.  Looking at the channel, I am getting very close to 250 videos.  Not sure what I was doing starting a YouTube channel on Christmas Day but I am happy how it has progressed over the last 3 years.

Facebook and Rick

I might as well finish off with the last place that I spend my time when it comes to getting the word out on exercises and injuries.  It is Facebook.  I started my fan page this year and I am still figuring it out.  Just like my blog and YouTube, I will:

  1. Keep delivering the best content that I can
  2. Help people in any way that I can
  3. Stay consistent with what I do
  4. Try to improve with every day

If you plan on doing this blog/YouTube/Facebook  thing, remember those four things as I think they are very important and have helped me out a lot.

Okay, lets get to the list.

Top 7 Posts for 2011

Best Gluteus Medius Exercise for a Hip Replacement

This is one of my research reviews, where I look at new research when it relates to exercise and injuries.  This was some interesting research when it came to gluteus medius exercises.  It was specific for hip replacement clients but many of the exercises are applicable to anyone.

Exercises for Osgood-Schlatters Disease

After hearing a very motivating story on a hockey player, I did this post.  It was on what you can do when it relates to exercises and Osgood-Schlatters Disease.  It was a popular one and with every day, more and more people visit it.

Great Foam Roller Exercises

I am a huge fan of the foam roller.  In this article, I go through a number of exercises that I like to do with the foam roller. Enjoy!  Make sure to look at the third video.

Gluteus Medius Exercises for Running

It was a big year when it comes to gluteus medius exercises.  This was another research article review on gluteus medius exercises.  The article before focused on an older population so I wanted to focus more on a younger and active population to show that gluteus medius exercises are important to focus in on, especially for runners.

Coaching the Joint-by-Joint versus Talking About It

This is an exercise packed post.  It goes through examples of poor and good joint positioning.  It is one to print out.

6 Ways to Improve Thoracic Mobility

With every year, there is more and more discussion on the importance of thoracic mobility when it relates to neck, shoulder and back injuries.  There are some great exercise videos on things you can do to improve your thoracic mobility.

Corrective Exercises for a Herniated Disc

This one hit a nerve with people.  It is was an article on corrective exercises that someone who has a disc herniation that is in the maintenance phase of their injury could potentially do.

There were a lot more articles but these were the ones that stood out the most and seem to be the most popular based on visits, Facebook shares and the length of time people read them.

I hope you enjoyed the top article for 2011.  I am looking forward to 2012 and I know it will be even better than 2011.

Have a great new year.

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – With it being the last week of December, this month’s Injury of the Month is ready. It is on Jumper’s Knee.