Best Videos for 2016

Best Videos of 2016

Yesterday, we shared the best products for 2016. If you missed it, you can check it out here. Today, let us take a look at the best videos for 2016 from


Enjoy the videos below.

10. 90 Second Hip Pain Assessment

Hip pain can result from a wide variety of things. This video will take you through an assessment to determine where your hip pain is originating from so you can best target it.

9. Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises at Home for Women (FAST FIX!)

Shoulder pain can be extremely debilitating. It can prevent us from reaching overhead, shoulder checking while driving, and finding comfort when we sleep. Fast relief from shoulder pain is essential, and this video will help you find it.

8. Best Back Pain Relief Exercises for Men

Back pain is a broad topic and can include pain in any area of the back. Back pain can severely limit your daily activities and keep you from your favorite past times. This video will help you find relief and get back to moving well.

7. 4 SIMPLE Hip Joint Pain Relief Exercises

Hip pain and tightness are incredibly common, and finding relief in the hip joint is essential. Use this video to reduce pain and stiffness and also increase the range of motion in the hip joint.

6. 3 Knee Pain Relief Yoga Movements

Yoga is an incredible way to stretch our muscles and find relief in the joints. This video will take you through 3 yoga movements that will help you find relief from knee pain, increase your range of motion, and helping to get you back to moving well.

5. 4 MUST-DO Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief Exercises

Neck and shoulder pain are extremely common, often resulting from sitting at a desk or looking down at your phone. Use the exercises in this video to find relief from neck and shoulder pain.

4. 3 Back Pain Relief Yoga Poses

Yoga is an amazing way to build a healthier spine and stay mobile. The 3 yoga poses in this video will help you to find relief from back pain and increase your mobility.

3. How to Fix Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain can severely limit your daily activities and make it difficult if not impossible to live the life you want to. This video will help you to eliminate your chronic knee pain so you can move better and enjoy your life.

2. Easy Low Back Pain Stretches

Low back pain is very common and can be debilitating. If you suffer from low back pain, make sure to watch this video and try out the stretches. We think you will find great relief.

1. 5 Steps to Get Rid of Chronic Hip Pain

Over time, hip pain will get in the way of your life and make certain activities difficult or impossible. This video walks you through the steps tp eliminate chronic hip pain.

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