Bulletproofing Your Client’s Knees and Lower Back Seminar with Mike Robertson

Do you have a high-risk clientele? If so, your clients are at a higher risk of suffering knee and lower back injuries. This is especially true if you operate in an industry such as mining, construction, or manufacturing. These types of jobs place heavy stress on the knees and lower back. That’s why many companies implement vital programs meant to bulletproof these areas. Bulletproofing your clients’ knees and lower back helps them avoid injuries and increases their ability to perform safely and efficiently at work. Let’s look at how to bulletproof these two areas so that your clients remain safe and can continue working for years.

The human body is a fantastic piece of machinery. We’re blessed with the ability to move our legs and arms in almost any direction. However, our bodies are not machines that operate with perfect efficiency. The body needs to be in tip-top shape to work at peak efficiency. Weaknesses in one area of the body can cause the body to compensate in other areas. This is especially true for athletes who need to maintain their incredible physical capabilities while performing at their peak.

Athletes who participate in high-impact sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and football can develop imbalances that can lead to injuries. Strengthening exercises are essential to rehab and can help the athlete avoid future damage. This article will highlight some of the many ways that strengthening exercises help athletes recover from injury and maintain their physical capabilities. Keep reading to learn more about strengthening your knees and lower back.

I have another interview with a presenter coming to Vancouver to share his knowledge.

It is with Mike Robertson.

He’s going to chat with you about his upcoming courses on the knee and lower back injuries.

The courses I am talking about are:

Mike and I did a quick interview, giving you a better idea of what to expect from the courses/seminar.

Let’s get to the discussion.

What You Will Learn in the Seminars with Mike Robertson

In Part 1 of the interview, Mike Robertson will share with you:

Who is Mike?

  • Owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training
  • Owner of Robertson Training Systems
  • Personal Trainer & Strength Coach

Bulletproofing Your Clients’ Lower Back will cover:

  • Anatomy; including lumbar spine and muscle groups
  • Static and dynamic assessments
  • Program design
  • Coaching and exercises

Bulletproofing Your Clients’ Knees will cover:

  • Anatomy
  • Static and dynamic assessments
  • Program design
  • Coaching and exercises

Due to the interview length, I had to split things into two parts. Here is the second part.

In Part 2 of the interview, Mike Robertson will share with you:

What to Expect During the 2-Day Seminar

  • Lectures
  • Hands-On Training

Thoughts about Personal Training Field

  • Competitive
  • Education is important
  • It would help if you kept current

I hope the interview with Mike will give you a better idea of what to expect from the courses.

We will see you there.

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