7 WORST Foods for a Cold

August 15, 2015 Rick Kaselj

Hey, it’s Rick! I am coming to you from San Jose. I am at an exclusive fitness mastermind meeting where I am learning from many of the best fitness bloggers and YouTubers in the world on how […]

4 Worst Foods for Plantar Fasciitis

January 10, 2015 Rick Kaselj

Do you have heel pain? Perhaps you already know about plantar fasciitis or what’s also referred to as the heel pain syndrome. If you’re reading this, you probably have some interest in what plantar fasciitis […]

Why Going Gluten-Free is a Horrible Idea

December 23, 2014 Rick Kaselj

Today, I have Dani Woodrum talking about Gluten-free. Take it away, Dani! Rick Kaselj =================== Gluten…What a joke! It’s just another fad that will be non-existent in a couple more years. Besides, it’s like some […]

2 Foods You MUST Have On Your Grocery List

December 5, 2014 Rick Kaselj

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s interview. Here’s the continuation of the interview I had with, The Recipe Hacker, Diana Keuilian. 2 Foods You MUST Have On Your Grocery List with Diana Keuilian CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video […]

3 Healthy Pastas To Eat

November 11, 2014 Rick Kaselj

I made it back from California. It was an amazing conference and the feedback on my presentation was very good: Very excellent to hear. I worked hard trying to make it entertain and informative. Working […]

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