An AWESOME Fall Tradition

September 25, 2014 Rick Kaselj

I moved the family up to Kelowna in the summer and in September my dad and mom followed us up to Kelowna as well. It is great to have them here and awesome that they […]

6 Ingredients to Avoid Eating

August 20, 2014 Rick Kaselj

The Dirty Dozen – The 12 Scariest Food Additives You’re Eating Right Now – Part 2 In part 1 of this article, 6 scary food additives were discussed: azodicarbonamide, propylene glycol, saccharin, red #40, sodium […]

The TRUTH About Bagged Lettuce

August 8, 2014 Rick Kaselj

The TRUTH About Bagged Lettuce Let’s talk about lettuce! Yes, you know it’s good for you and you are most likely doing something healthy if your meals include this vegetable. But, HOW do you BUY […]

Soba Noodle Stir-fry

July 29, 2014 Rick Kaselj

This past weekend, we had friends over.  We started the morning off with a visit to the farmers market, then we took these guys to the dog park: You can see my big dog on […]

Spicy Avocado Hummus

July 23, 2014 Rick Kaselj

Kids do the craziest things. Last night, the kids were playing in the backyard pond. It was great seeing the kids outside playing. The cute little pond is full of tadpoles so they were catching […]

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