You Have Spoken

I am a little late with this. I was in Las Vegas over the weekend at a Fitness Mastermind, learning and planning the next few months. One thing I was keeping an eye on while […]

Avoiding Common Strength Program Mistakes with Eric Cressey

Of late I have been making some changes to my strength program. I was on Eric Cressey’s blog and he started highlighting some of the mistakes that he sees when it comes to strength program […]

No Picture

Importance of Vertical Pulling

It’s Friday so let’s dig into the email and Facebook questions. Here we go. Importance of Vertical Pulling I got this question via email: Why is it important to add vertical pulling to your exercise […]

What to do About Gluteal Amnesia with David Weinstock

Let’s start the gluteal week with a gluteal interview. Just a reminder, this month’s Injury of the Month is a double shot.  I will be covering Gluteus Medius Exercises and Gluteus Maximus Exercises. Okay, to […]

Exercises Leading to Injuries

I am coming to you from the home of Rambo. The little town of Hope, BC, Canada was the backdrop of the first Rambo movie. At the visitor centre they have one of those signs […]

Meniscus Tears and Squatting

I’ve got a few video clips for you. One of the clips is from last month’s Injury of the Month on meniscus tears. The second one is from Assessment & Exercise. Enjoy! Meniscus Tears and Squatting In […]

How Well Can Your Body Multitask?

For any fitness professional, other than seeing your clients’ lives change for the better, program design is the most enjoyable and creative part of the profession. Being able to create routines that can literally change […]

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