Anatomy of the Knee

April 20, 2018 Rick Kaselj

Unless you’re an orthopedist or physical therapist, you probably never think much about knee anatomy. That is until you twist, bang, sprain or feel knee pain. Then, you ask suddenly, “What’s inside there?” Well, you […]

Anatomy of the Shoulder

April 17, 2018 Rick Kaselj

Most people never even think about the amazing properties of the human shoulder. It’s probably the most dynamic joint in your entire body since no other joint has such a wide range of motion. Let’s […]

What is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?

April 3, 2018 Rick Kaselj

Thoracic outlet syndrome might be caused by injury, overuse of your arm or poor posture. Some typical symptoms are arm or hand pain, numbness and weakness. The diagnosis of thoracic outlet syndrome is often missed […]

The Anatomy of Healing

September 19, 2017 Rick Kaselj

Human beings are spoiled. We take it for granted, but if our bodies’ natural defense mechanisms suddenly stopped working, we’d be toast. The common cold would evolve into a deadly fight for life, and nose […]

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